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  1. Hello there, does anyone have an idea how they achieved the lens flares in this video? I doubt that they carried anamorphic lenses and I doubt that they had Vantage Blue Vision Filters up there. Any thoughts?
  2. I think most cars have an option to switch the passenger airbag off. This is for baby seats that you can place reverse in the passenger seat. Just remember to switch it back on after the shot. Maybe with a handwritten tape sticker?
  3. Hi Solomon, I can recommend you the Teradek Bolt as a wireless video. You can use it with more than one reciever. That means you can put one on your belt or wherever and the other one goes to video village. Another advantage is that it has no delay. Maybe it is a good thing for this shot. A cheaper alternative would be the Paralinx Arrow. It has the same zero delay and multicast features but it has only HDMI connectors. That means you need a SDI to HDMI converter for the transmitter. As a monitor a TV Logic VFM 056 W would be nice. You can use it with a Battery Bracket and small camcorder
  4. This might be quite a good advice. When I was a 2nd AC I started out working in TV Movies but always wanted to work in feature films. So I was always very concentrated and serious, thinking about how to improve on my job and stuff like that. It worked and I got the chance to work on feature films. I even got called in as B Camera 2nd AC on a big show. I was very excited because that was where I wanted to go. Then I thought I have to work as good as never before and maybe I even did. But I was so focused and determined on the work that I somehow lost the connection to the 1st AC. I felt that he
  5. does anyone have experience with one of these systems? it is invisible laser distance meters that you can aim with a telescopic sight. i thought it might be usefull for some upcoming boat to boat stuff. i wonder if it works well or if it is just a big hassle. thanks for your answers, greg
  6. i can highly recomand this product. it is much more comfortable than a ronford baker plate. you can mount it on this one (without the mitchell base of course).
  7. hi anthony, you can use it for a canatrans. you just need this one cabel to power it up and feed it with a video signal. greg
  8. hello john, i can highly recommand the schultz smartplate. ronford baker builds a similar system but the release knob of the schultz is more accessible and the handling is much better. i would not go for a dovetail, it can be quite annoying if you have a heavy 35mm camera with a large zoom and you have to fumble it 20 times a day on and off the dovetail. i hope that helps greg
  9. the ivs will not brake. i was told once that if you have to many accessories switched on at the same time, when you power the camera, the initial high power consumption will lead on the long run to a broken on/off switch. this is build of something with carbon and you have with every power up an electric spark that damages the carbon. i was told that it will lead to a switch that´s always on no matter what position. and i had an sr3 once that you couldn´t switch off it just stayed on. so just make sure that not everything is switched on at the same time. if you have ivs, onboard monitor, modul
  10. a lot of nice tips around here. not much more to say. but always check your escape route and the place to go after slating. make sure you are not blocking a light and that you are not in a reflection of glass or something else. also make sure you don´t place in the eyeline of an actor and don´t watch the action, you could catch glimpses. and watch the boom operator during rehersals. maybe he has to go just where you wanted to hide... for very difficult long lens stuff i used to have a casio mini monitor i held with my lower hand behind the slate. you will always be perfectly in frame with tha
  11. hey marque, thanks for your informative statement. do you think a SB-2(A) timecode generator is the right choice for me? and what are the advantages in comparison of the GR-1 master clock? interesting... i still think about if it´s worth the extra money for the production manager. -------------------- gregor grieshaber 2nd assistant camera berlin, germany
  12. you are right. an assistant editor missinformed me, he said the generated timecode is recorded on one of the available audio tracks. but i talked to a sound guy before who said its recorded somwhere else. i know, i just thought it could be a good investment to make some extra money. i guess it´s paid after two years. and i just don´t like the fact that it is not common in germany to use one. and i will change that, at least for the productions i´m working on... -------------------- gregor grieshaber 2nd assistant camera berlin, germany
  13. let´s say a sound mixer has four tracks for record. and he has two booms and two ambient microphones. that means he uses all of his four tracks and there is none left to record the timecode from the timecode generator. do i get this right? this is my only concern because i would bring all this in the production. so i´m the promoter of this system and i don´t want to cause any trouble or disadvantages with that. the generator and jam thing sounds definately more practical. i think i should go for that, but i don´t want to limit the sound guy in any way. when i was for hollydays in
  14. doesn´t that mean the sound mixer has one track less to record on? what if he needs this track? and i need a timecode generator for that right? i wanted to avoid causing any trouble or change something in the common production workflow... thats why my idea was to go wireless with the original record timecode. in germany nobody is used to work with timecode, it will be hard enough anyway to explain the production manager, why he should rent this thing from me. but i´m still confident. i guess i will ask some german sound guys about their opinion. i´m sure i´ll meet some at the berlinale.
  15. hi marque, so how do you work if you don´t transmit it? i can´t imagine pulling a cable through the set. do you have kind of a timecode generator and sync it sveral times during the day? and do you know another solution beside the comtek? i think its to pricey for this application, it will be hard enough anyway to get money for it as timecode slates are very uncommon in germany. and i don´t think there are delays with the comteck it should be as fast as with a cable, electronic radiation is as fast as electrons in a cable... and matt what receivers do you use? you say they are very power c
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