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  1. WOW!!!! I'd pay to see that one!
  2. These ARE welcomed. The issue I've had with BR so far is the lack of support from the studios for older movies. I guess with the economy being what it is, studios can only afford to remaster only a few titles per year—although I do find that a challenge to believe. <_< I'm still waiting for the Alien quadrilogy (although I'm really only interested in the first two) and Se7en ranking one and two on my current want list.
  3. Hello, It is not my intention to disparage the poster in any manner, however this advertisement matches verbatim an ad that I responded to earlier today on another website. After contacting the seller, he informed me his name was "Joe" and provided his contact information and it appeared to be on the up-and-up. Perhaps "Joe" had a friend post his camera here for him, which is completely understandable, however the same ad for what seemingly is the same camera is being posted here by Steve Lucas. My only goal is to let any would-be buyer know that they should practice due diligence and be careful. Steve, Joe, I understand that this is in all likelihood a misunderstanding of some sort, but out of respect for the community I have to speak up as well as mention that this community requires that you use your real name. If nothing else your post gets a bump. :P
  4. I remember my grandfather saying that "government would eventually tax the air we breath." Funny I thought to myself. Surely that's hyperbole.... I guess he would have been more accurate by stating "the air we exhale." <_< I digress.... back to your normally scheduled post.
  5. My experience is that more often than not, the movie going "experience" is a bad one. Unless I visit the local art house theater, I'm missing most of the movie by being completely taken out of the show and annoyed by the person three rows back commentating as if they were a member of the cast of Mystery Theater 3000. When did people become comfortable with talking in a theater in their normal speaking voice!?!? I can remember the movie going experience being a great one... when I went to see Aliens when I was thirteen. Since then content, for the most part, has been too lackluster and the company has been just plain rude. The combination of Blu-ray and plasma along with the comfort and convenience of home is a very, very powerful combination. Maybe I'm just too irritable :angry:????
  6. Greetings Pablo, Have you considered the purchase of the upcoming AJA Ki Pro? It would allow you to record 10-bit full-raster Apple ProRes 422, a true upgrade over the onboard tape/MPEG2, through the uncompressed outs on your 110. It would eliminates the need to digitize footage and greatly increase record time, although you will have to deal with some ergonomic challenges. Supposedly AJA is working on this issue however. Details can be found here.
  7. Hello Adam, Thanks for your response and for giving me some guidance on what to look for. Indeed, it was my intent to invest in a U16 modification with Bernie (BTW, All the things people say about Bernie O'Doherty being the "bees knees" are true!). Unfortunately I ended up purchasing a Canon "Poopic" instead as Bernie informed me that the camera I purchased wasn't worth the repair costs to get it running again. It wasn't working when I received it and it had numerous issues. Hopefully I will be able to find someone to give me an assessment prior to my next purchase, we'll see. Scoopics are built like tanks yes, but with older equipment you always run a risk of having some sort of issue. I guess the key is finding a way to limit those issues as much as possible. With a U16 conversion it kinda makes the Scoopic a really, really, poor man's A-Minima. Hopefully none of the Aaton folks will take offense at me for comparing a Scoopic to an A-Minima! :P
  8. Has anyone had any first-hand experience with any shops in LA that have hands-on experience with evaluating and repairing Scoopics? I'm trying to line up a purchase and would like a reputable outfit to look it over prior to my pulling the trigger on the purchase. Thanks,
  9. Wow John. My family's best wishes and prayers are with you hoping for your speedy recovery.
  10. I used to swear by New Balance until I tried on a pair of Sauconys. Haven't looked back since.
  11. I would like to echo Phil's sentiments. We just completed installation of two Mac Pro suites using Black Magic products including two Multibridges and a Video Hub and having replaced a Power Mac with a Kona 2, the differences between the two systems are minimal. Save for a few features. I've heard many extoll the virtues of the AJA products but personally I've not seen a great deal of difference as long as your preferred card offers you the feature set you're looking for. I should note however, that we did experience a great deal of trouble interfacing our BM equipment with our RAID card in the Mac Pro. Minor troubleshooting with the BM tech support, who were extremely helpful by the way, and we were up and running. My advice would be to determine a list of needs and compare these with the feature set of the two systems. You state that you're interested in following your dream of becoming a filmmaker and are looking to start your own business. What exactly are your NEEDS as a filmmaker/business person and what do you need either system to do for you.
  12. John Singer Sargent, an esteemed portrait painter from the early twentieth century, with a knack for atmospheric settings brought to life by his compelling compositions and masterful brushstrokes. Sargent has always been one of my favorites, unfortunately I've yet to have an opportunity to create a look based on his work.
  13. You'll need to check here to see if the hardware is compatible as you'll need the cam for ingest into FCP.
  14. I would get something a bit newer with a color TFT as I've had difficulty using these apps on my 3XE on a dark set as the green backlight on that model leaves a lot to be desired. Turning on the green backlight also sucks massive amounts of battery power when in use. I recently purchased a Treo 600 on ebay?which is also a phone which is a plus?for about a hundred bucks and it's much easier on the eyes... and could even be used as an eyelight in a pinch. I'm sure you could find a Palm Zire 31 or similar model for much of nothing... or take up Gavin on his offer.
  15. ... Or possibly be the beginning of a corporate "big brother" state. Especially when taken in context with this article. For those without the time to read, an RIAA representatives states in the article that it is considered copyright infringement by the RIAA to copy YOUR legally purchased music to YOUR computer. "The industry's (RIAA) lawyer in the case, Ira Schwartz, argues in a brief filed earlier this month that the MP3 files Howell made on his computer from legally bought CDs are "unauthorized copies" of copyrighted recordings..."
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