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  1. Thank you to all that responded, That clears things up.
  2. This is probaly on odd question but I thought I would ask here. How dose movie theaters work? Dose the studio get a percentage of the box office sales or do they rent/lease the film for a certain rate. I would guess it goes by ticket sales.
  3. I liked it, It was more campy then "Book Of Secrets" but still very good. Donald Sutherland was great. the underwater stuff was really good as well. I dout this is a movie that AC or ICG will cover.
  4. Well, I went to see "Fools Gold" Last weekend. I thought is was a fun movie in a "campy" way. I noticed the critics pretty much hated it, which is why I wanted to see it. Has any one else seen it yet?
  5. Check out http://www.handango.com they have a lot of usefull programs
  6. Next you'll complain about C3P0 and how Star Wars was phony...Stop destroying my childhood...lol
  7. Dose anyone know if any of the industry magazines covered "The Dukes Of Hazzard" series from the late 70's/ early 80's. I looked though the AC and ICG back issues and didn't see anything. Thanks in advance. W
  8. for those interested here a link http://www.komotv.com/#
  9. :( Well right now I'm stranded. The worst flooding in over 50 years. The freeway is under water, Stores are flooded, houses are washed away, 100,000+ homes are with out power and heat, People are dieing! What a horrific day for Washington!!
  10. I just wanted to let people know what happened this past week. I went to the ASC website to order some of the $1 back issues and when I tried to add the May 2001 issue that they had listed for $1 it came up with an error message. I contacted them to let them know about the error and A man by the name of Saul sent me an Email telling me that that issue was out of stock, But to my surprise he sent the issue anyway for free! I am amazed at the service that the ASC provides, you don't see that with many companies any more. The ASC is truly a one of a kind! I will support the ASC 100% when ever I can.
  11. I did a qiuck look at my AC issues and At theasc.com website and didn't find anything, but I didn't check ICG yet.
  12. Did you check their web site? http://www.fullsail.com/flash/index.cfm?degree=film
  13. I was not making A direct comment about the open letter but to the situation, I'm not against the union. I just think it should be decided on a per-job basis not a blanket "this is how it has to be" and I'm not saying it has to be a either / or situation with pay up front or percentage of profits, but if they want a bigger percentage then I think they should get less upfront. Maybe I did not explain it the best, for that I'm sorry, I did not mean to offend anyone. With that said I hope both parties find a quick resolution, If its prolonged nobody will win.
  14. Thank you David, Thats basicly the point I was making, you were not paid up front (the risk) and get royaties from the profits (reward) As far as I know screen-script writers are getting paid up front for their services (no risk) and want more royaties then they are already getting. If they want bigger royaties then they should assume more of the risk and not get paid up front, and then get royaties "if" it turns a profit.
  15. The writers were paid for their service when they wrote the script, screen play ect. Plus they already get royalities, What financial risk do they take in the DVD release, none. The Sudios and Distributors do. If they want more money from dvd sales then they should have to come up with some of the cost to produce the dvds. Equal risk for equal reward. That sounds fair.
  16. What they could do is not pay out anything unless the movie makes a profit then give every one a percentage, if the movie tanks then every one shares in the loss as well.
  17. I'm not tring to start a fight, but what if the dvd release or a movie ect fails and loses money? Is the WGA or SAG ect going to give money back.? I dout it. The writers get paid regardless if the production makes a profit, if it dosen't studios take the loss. The productions that make it big covers the ones that don't.
  18. Check with Ft Lewis, the old commander used to allow it but he's over seas now. I don't know if the new commander still allows it or not. Heres the website http://www.lewis.army.mil/index.asp
  19. That will probaly change with time as well
  20. I used to rent from Hollywood Video, except from the new releases they don't get anything new. I still rent from them when I get the free coupon in the mail, otherwise I just use netflix. I live so close to the warehouse I get them the next day.
  21. From what I understand the film and tv writers go on strike at midnight Sunday, dose anyone know if this is true?
  22. Thanks again David you have been a big help, Have a great Weekend!!
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