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  1. Hi Luke, never come across any Manfrotto tripod I've been happy with. I've worked quite a bit on the EX-1 and 3 series. I've used the Sachtler 0372 FSB-4 tripod which I've been happy with. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/601879-REG/Sachtler_0372_0372_FSB_4_Aluminum_Tripod.html Best regards LE
  2. Lars.Erik

    RED + HPX 3000

    Hello, I've been asked to help out on a corporate commercial. The main camera is the RED. They want to use RED for it's shallow DOF and for some high-speed stuff. 60-120 fps. We'll be using a 2nd camera, a Panasonic HPX-3000 with a normal J17 broadcast lens. It will be used mostly for interviews and some wide-shots. We're using 2 cameras to get more done in one day. The Panasonic will be in progressive and 25P mode. My question is this; will there be any post-production issues? As I understand the 3000 footage can also be uploaded to FCP with the ProRes 422 codec. Will the editor have any issues with this? Thank you for any replies.
  3. New price; $350/€235. This is the Cine version.
  4. Selling an almost never used Sekonic Dualmaster L-558 meter. Asking $400/270 Euro Buyer pays for shipping & Paypal fees. LE
  5. Matthew, this isn't the right forum. You need to visit steadiforum.com It's a forum for homemade stabilizers and small size steadicams. LE
  6. What kind of shots are you doing? Slow and nice or fast and gritty? What kind of helicopter are you using? If it's a small one, it might not be able to carry the weight of the gyro. Check this out first! Personally I'm not convinced about using gyro in the side doors. I've used this a few times and been very unhappy with the results. I still think a nose mounted gyro is much better. But these are also usually much more expensive. (there's a reason for it) I never operated the gyro. Always had a gyro operator with me. And it's also a lot more difficult to fly a helicopter sideways than it is to fly it straight forward. In the last year I've ditched the side door gyro, and flown with a 2/3" camera with me hanging out. (handheld) In this way the pilot can fly more straight forward, since you are leaning out the side door. I always use a lens like a HJ22, a HJ11 will be too wide, you have to zoom in to get rid of the legs and side of the helicopter. Making it a lot more difficult to be steady. With a HJ22 you can operate more easily. Sorry if I'm not giving you advice on how to shoot with a gyro out the door. Just wanted to let you know that I've saved money on the side door gyro and spent it on a better and bigger camera. And I still hadn't used all the money I would have compared to a side door gyro. And the results of the handheld are amazing. I've had people ask me if the shots were gyro. The trick is to have a really good sitting position and squeeze the camera between your legs. And always feel how the helicopter is behaving. In this way I've found that the images get greatly improved. Maybe someone else has a better experience with a side door gyro? I'd like to know what they did to make it work. LE
  7. It's a really long time since I've seen it, but I seem to remember that "Near Dark" (Dir: K. Bigelow, DP: Adam Greenberg) was a really darkish shot film. And even better, it has lots of cars and open highways in it.
  8. Ha-ha! With Brett Ratner being in charge? You were surprised about the lack of intelligence of this film?! You're a funny guy, you.
  9. I'm sorry, but I have found this not to be correct. At least it hasn't worked for me. And I have put ND on quite a few windows. If just for a day or two, yes, then water is a good thing. But when it's for several weeks, it doesn't work. The reason for this is that the water evaporates. Specially in summer time when it's warm. LE
  10. Hey Tim, thanks for your reply. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear on my last post. I'm basically looking into getting ND with glue on them to attach to windows. What kind of gel is hard ND? Is it just ND that's hard? LE
  11. Hey everyone, I'm doing a 5-week shoot in July/August. And need to gel several windows. I don't want to use ordinary ND and water, since this won't last. I want it to stick. I've used CTO with glue previously, but I want 5600K interior. So I need to use ND on the windows, ranging from 0.6 to 1.2. Do Lee or Roscoe make ND with glue? If they do, do they have a special name to it. Need to order. I suspect these filters will cost a lot more, but willing to pay that price. Worst case scenario, I'll staple ND to the window frames. LE
  12. Do you know Lars? Well, I'm Norwegian, and Lars von Trier is Danish. Kinda like English and Scottish type of thing. Anyway, a friend of mine edited his feature at Zentropa. Lars's company. He spoke a lot to him. And a focus puller friend of mine has also worked for his company. And Lars can basically make any film he wants to. In Europe. He doesn't travel to the US because he has a huge fear of travelling, and he has about 60 other fears. Zentropa is a big company who is constantly producing. They earn a lot of money, and the funding system for Danish films also give them quite a bit of money. So I don't know where you get your info, but it's wrong. LE
  13. I agree with you Brad. I thinks it's a sad thing when people (specially if they work in the industry), start to speak negative about a writer, director, operator, film or whatever, without having seen or read anything this person has done. In many ways, it undermines the credability of this forum and forums like it. And it's been mentioned before. If you don't know what you're talking about, (either in this type of thing or in a technical aspect), then please don't post it. It's just stupid. Plain and simple. LE
  14. Went to the premiere last night at the cinema. Disregarding all the critics who have slaughtered the film, I was looking forward to getting drawn into a world of mystique and great drama. Sadly I was only drawn into looking at my watch, and thinking about how lovely it would feel when the end credits would come. Why on God's green earth they chose Ron Howard to direct this is beyond me. Where is David Fincher? He, or at least someone with a hint of darkness in him should have directed this. Badly directed, sadly no emotion from neither Mr. Hanks nor Miss Tatou. And the cinematography isn't that great either. It looks good, but I thinks it's solved in a dull way. Take the car chase in the beginning, almost just close-ups, show us the big frames and let's see how intense the action is. Thinking about Ronin and how great those car chases in Paris was. And the lighting is good quality, you just get a little tired of that dark moody look. It doesn't work very well for me. I know that they wanted a dark look, but to me it just seems under-exposed. This because I think I'm missing that "look at this" lighting. Maybe the lighting should have been more like the Alien films. I think that would have been better. The only good thing in this movie is Alfred Molina and Sir Ian McKellen, at least they are trying to make this a good picture. I don't mean to come off as a mr know-it-all. Because I'm far from that. The people who made this film are far, far better proffesionals than I am. I'm just so disapointed in this movie. It could, and should have been so much more. LE
  15. www.steadicamforum.com (forum for steadicam op's) www.steadicam-ops.com (the place to find op's all over the world) www.steadicamstop.com (scandianvian op's)
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