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  1. Hi there, this is our new film out of the corporate series FRANKFURTinsights which we produce for the city of Frankfurt. The aim is to show the city from the perspective of people who live and work there. We mainly recorded on RED Epic, some DLSRs and GoPro Hero3, cutted in Premiere and graded with Resolve. Have fun with the film: Cheers Thomas.
  2. Hi, this is a new series wie produce for the city of Frankfurt/Gemany. It shows Frankfurt from the perspective of their inhabitants, workers and...people out of extraordinary perspectives. Recorded mainly on RED Epic, GoPro and some DLSRs. Hope you enjoy it: Episode 01: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMSnl60p5ts Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThW_kJHYod4 Cheers Thomas.
  3. Hi Piotr, I've been to Shanghai last year for a session and to record some stock footage with the RED Epic. Don't worry everything is easy there. I just ordered a bussines visum in case of a control. Cheers Thomas. http://www.footage-online.com
  4. Don't worry too much about the look. If you used to work with cinematic lenses the handling with the still lenses could be the tricky part. But if you have the chance to get a smart mount even this should not be a problem. You can focus just by pressing on the lcd. Cheers Thomas.
  5. Hi, we`ve uploaded 2 free RED test files for you: RED Epic 5k: http://www.footage-online.com/red-epic-5k-freeclip.html RED One 4k: http://www.footage-online.com/red-one-4k-freeclip.html Cheers Thomas. http://www.footage-online.com - RED footage and more available in HD, SD and RED RAW R3D http://www.facebook.com/footageonline.de
  6. We just recorded a bigger greenscreen session with RED Epic and after all I must say it's quite easy to key the material. We mainly shot with 3:1 compression. Cheers Thomas.
  7. As you probably know our footage library is focused on high quality RED footage. We offer thousands of R3D-files, as well as HD and SD. From now on our doors are open for cinematographers to upload video-files directly to our platform. You will receive 50% of the net price paid by the customer without concluding an exclusive contract with us. For further informations please have a look at: http://sell.footage-online.de/ Or feel free to contact us via email: info (at) footage-online (dot) de So – have a look at your archives and convert your material to money. Cheers Thomas.
  8. I'm again and again astonished how emotional the discussion about the RED goes - positiiv as negativ - all around the forums. At the end it's a box with a sensor where you can mount lenses on. Pianists don't talk as emotional about their grand piano. They practice. Cheers Thomas.
  9. I've never heard about Nikon Cine lenses. But there are some companies out who modifi still lenses for filming. Cheers Thomas.
  10. Twixtor could be an alternative for you. This plugin makes astonishing good super slowmos out of "normal" footage. Cheers Thomas.
  11. I tried several sliders and ended up with the Kessler which is really worth the money. Cheers Thomas.
  12. For the basics: Cheers Thomas. __________________ www.footage-online.de Stock Footage shot on RED One - available in r3d, HD and SD.
  13. Thomas Pohl

    Not Bad

    We also made good experiences with the RED One under cold conditions. The only problem could be the LCD if it`s too freezy after a while. Cheers Thomas.
  14. There are several apps for the iPhone out there to calculate those things. For example iSee4k or Pocket DIT. Cheers Thomas.
  15. Hi there, for those who are interested in the basic functions of Redcine-X - here is our first Online Workshop showing the first steps into RED RAW editing: Have fun! Thomas.
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