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    Rob, This looks great, I especially like the spill behind the cop in the first frame grab. Keep up the good work man, hope to see you soon.
  2. Her problem was that when focusing wide open by eye and then stopping down, whether she should adjust her focus mark additionally. The short answer "yes".
  3. http://books.google.com/books?id=r4LgHiMTM...;q=&f=false this should link you straight to page 235, which explains how and why certain fast lenses are designed like this.
  4. Yes. you can simply transfer the mark when stopping down from below a t2 (i think?) you simply switch which hash mark you are using on the lens. As a side note, it may be a better idea to measure from the film plane to the object, using a tape measure or cloth tape, rather than always focusing by eye.
  5. Im not sure If Im understanding your question. But, If you are shooting wide open (T1.3) you would set your focus using the blue hash line, so if youre object/subject was at 6' and you were shooting at T1.3 you would set the focus ring to 6' coinciding with the blue mark. If you are shooting at a deeper stop say a T5.6 then you would use the yellow hash and set the focus ring to 6'. If he is splitting the difference between the blue mark and yellow mark on the iris then you do the same with focus. If you are focusing by eye wide open, note the focus mark, say 6' (blue line) and readjust when you stop down so 6' coincides then with the yellow line.
  6. Just ordered. Thanks so much Hal. I owe you one. And Rob, that copy is Steve's, Ive borrowed it a few times, but this isnt a book you can peruse and really hold onto all of the information. Steve actually keeps his around as a reference. Thanks though.
  7. You shouldn't list gear that is not your own on your website. If you want to be a cinematographer, then at least attempt to commit yourself to that, although working your way up through G&E and/or Camera is a good way to get the real world experience and contacts to make the leap.
  8. Use less and lighter batteries, go with ab dionic 90's or something with less mass at the bottom of the sled. I know the flyer comes with a low mode bracket that grips a camera handle then has a geared cheese plate on it, you can just throw the low mode bracket on and tape spare batteries/lead fishing weights/ect to the cheese plate. This is assuming its not a low mode shot. Getting a weight plate is however the best option, maybe reach out to smaller rental houses/steadicam ops and see if you can just rent the weight plates if you cant get them made. EDIT: post this on the steadicam forum and maybe someone will be generous enough to offer them to borrow/rent.
  9. Im willing to pay over msrp for a very worn copy, but $305 is just way out of my price range. Thanks though! Anyone else?
  10. Unable to locate it online or anywhere else for that matter. If anybody has a copy they would be willing to part with for a reasonable price please let me know. Or if anyone has seen a copy somewhere and could recommend to me where they saw it. Thanks!
  11. how much for the camera, shipped to the united states?
  12. I just noticed C-Motion is introducing a software update for the use of their FIZ units for 3-D. Here is an article. http://cmotion.eu/cms/index.php?option=com...116&Itemid=
  13. It is not a perf thing. When looking at a loaded 235 mag that is opened in front of you, the spool side is shaped like the number "9", with film moving in a clockwise direction. The take up side, is shaped like a "P" with film also moving in a clockwise direction. The circles on the letters represent the cores, and the tails represent the direction of the film. On panavision magazines they are loaded with the take up side winding in the counter clockwise direction, creating what would be called a "9 9" magazine. I realized this is much harder to explain without having two mags to show someone.
  14. I contacted Chaim Kantor of the 600 NYC last year, and he responded saying that there isnt currently a trainee program in the 600. however maybe its different on the west coast.
  15. Its a 9P magazine. same basic threading as a 435 magazine, just the take up side is placed further back into the design, so that it sits over your shoulder. http://www.arri.de/camera/35_mm_film/arrif...235.html#_blank go to downloads then click Arri 235 Manual PDF, for magazine loading diagrams and pictures.
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