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  1. The camera itself can't playback what you're watching in real time like you said. You can probably record the SDI feed with an external recorder and then playback from that device.
  2. This could be a cheap alternative for you on a BMPCC4K. You can try comparing say a 25mm on the speed booster to an 18mm without the speed booster. Maybe it will give you the results you're looking for.
  3. Hey All, Shot a short film recently and wondering if anybody has feedback to give. Sorry for the compression, this is the only version I could get a hold of at the moment. https://vimeo.com/68174701 pw: bonjovi Some Tech Specs: RED Epic Angeniuex 15-40 Kodak 7219 and 7203 8mm Stock Best, -Justin
  4. Should it really be rewarding if it's being put together like this? Most everyone has just lost their minds. There's no specializing in your craft with most of these people coming out of college or starting up these days. How can you possibly call yourself something if you're dipping your feet into multiple waters?
  5. I think your mentality is what's wrong with most people these days. A lot of "filmmakers" can't differentiate between a cinematographer and the camera assistant. It's accepted to have a one man crew and have 4 positions on your business card.
  6. I hope somebody has a good insight to this scene. I'm very inspired by Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky cinematography and one scene I have in mind is the party scene at the beginning of the movie. It seems everything is lit mostly from above and very soft motivated by chandelier that were around during that time in Paris. What could be giving such a nice moody light? Shirted China balls? Space lights? Some kind of soft box? I'd really appreciate it if somebody could share their experiences with this quality of light. -Justin
  7. I did that internship last summer and it was a very invaluable resource. You don't really need to brush up on anything because you'll be at a pretty entry level position. All you need to do is learn and actually retain the information given to you. A lot of interns come through there and it just doesn't stick; those are the worse. Chris is right, there is a lot of case cleaning, but you'll be rotating each day through different departments. As far as getting hired afterward, it's not guaranteed, but you'll be at the top of the list to be a prep tech. If they like you of course. It's tough going out to nj that often without any stipend, but if you truly have a passion for film equipment you'll appreciate the opportunity. Once you leave, you won't find such a nice rental house in NYC, so don't get too used to it. Unless you get lucky and work for some decent budget projects. That was my problem at least. It can get really hot out there in Secaucus! Have fun at the mall. Tell Laura I said what's up. -Justin
  8. Thank you David, this was exactly what I was curious about. What about flares? Are there any significant differences?
  9. Are there any differences in the artifacts between a 1.3x anamorphic lens vs. a 2x? Assuming that they're both used properly to obtain a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. I would test this, but I don't have the gear or money for it. Best -Justin
  10. The ARRRI MMB-1 matte box is a good one for DSLRs. Not sure if that's in your budget though. -Justin
  11. Hope to hear your opinions. http://artfusscreative.com/ -Justin
  12. Selling my 35mm adapter bundle because I'm trying to upgrade. Huge, longtime invest was put into this, so I hope someone enjoys it as much as I did. $5000 for everything Package includes: -Canon XH-A1: Good condition, few scratches here and there, but that comes with age. Lens is perfectly clean though. All cables and battery are included from original packaging except lens hood. If you need the hood I can order that and add it to the camera if necessary. http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controll...p;modelid=14061 -SGpro, FLIPmodule + 15mm rod support package: Everything is in great condition, all glass is very clean; no scratches. This is not the SGblade upgrade, it's the SGpro original kit. This also comes with the SGpro's follow focus and lens gears that are adjustable for different size lenses. Canon EF and FD mounts are interchangeable. All this comes in a nice silver case (shown in the pictures) and the original instruction manual that came from the company. http://www.sgpro.co.uk/ -microShoulderMount for 35mm Adapters Bundle: I just bought this less than a month ago, so it's in great shape. http://shopping.netsuite.com/s.nl/c.472981/it.A/id.436/.f -Pelican 1610 case -Dynex DX-MW010 Tripod and Case: Not really a heavy duty tripod for this kind of setup, but it works. -Audio Technica AT8035 Line + Gradient Condenser Microphone: http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/wired_mi...3db/index.html/ If you have any additional questions about anything, email me at justinsimpsonfilm@live.com or feel free to call me at 586-202-1522 I will not ship overseas. $5000 obo I am located in Brooklyn, NY PICTURES: http://justinrsimpson.com/1.jpg http://justinrsimpson.com/2.jpg http://justinrsimpson.com/3.jpg http://justinrsimpson.com/4.jpg http://justinrsimpson.com/5.jpg http://justinrsimpson.com/6.jpg http://justinrsimpson.com/7.jpg http://justinrsimpson.com/8.jpg http://justinrsimpson.com/9.jpg http://justinrsimpson.com/10.jpg http://justinrsimpson.com/11.jpg
  13. Awesome post to read when thinking about joining the union. :unsure:
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