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  1. i say we take off, nuke the site from orbit. it's the only way to be sure.

    1. K Borowski

      K Borowski

      "What does it feel like to be a soldier?"

      "Fear. Fear and. . . discipline."

      "Right now?"


      "Oh my God." (hugs Todd, at which point he begins shaking with fear.

  2. check this out: http://www.filmtools.com/cameratape.html Camera tape is 1'' cloth tape or 1'' gaffer's tape. I believe it's called camera tape because the camera dept. uses it the most, whereas gaffer's tape is traditionally 2'' black cloth tape. Paper tape is different and is used for marking actors. You should have several colors of 1'' rolls and also a roll of 2'' black paper tape. Let's say you have 4 actors in a shot and need to mark all of them, you better have enough colors for each actor. Get several colors. (You should have 1'' white camera tape on you at all times) white, black, red, blue, green, yellow, and get some obnoxious colors like neon yellow or neon orange(or pink if you want to be really annoying) for specialty purposes. Like if something breaks put the annoying color that you never use for anything else on it. Or if you flash a mag or some RED drive is being wonky. For film work, if using multiple stocks, the 1st will usually assign each stock a color. 500T= red, 250T= orange, 100T= yellow, 250D= blue, 50D= green etc. Also for Exposed Film, you'll wrap the can with 1'' black tape, that is the standard. For, short ends and re-cans, use the color designated for that stock to wrap the can and then of course write the length on 4 sides of the can for ease later.
  3. coffee is for closers

    1. Bruce Taylor

      Bruce Taylor

      Third prize? Third prize is you're fired.

  4. Actually I was equating what is available at Filmtools.com. With Filmtools and Lindcraft AC pouches never getting over $40 and Arri's pouces never going over $50, $130-$140 more seems ridiculous. Even is my Lindcraft pouch gets destroyed every two years I could still get 4 of them for the price of 1 PortaBrace pouch.
  5. Call up Schumacher or Fletcher and ask them. You can also ask the 1st AC's that you are working for.
  6. You can always rate it at 320ASA to cut down on the grain. Or shoot Vision3 7219. The grain is very minimal in the new Kodak line. OR add some grain to the digital images ala MagicBullet. I've seen some very convincing stuff done with that. If I were shooting it I'd try to go all one format. Be it film or digital. That way you know for sure that it is going to match. Unless you don't want it to match.
  7. Was this clown(your cameraman) dressed like a farmer?
  8. I'd say if it is comfortable, safe and not dayglo colors you will be fine. I would've definitely worn shorts(and have) on farm shoots. It's 2010, shorts are not outrageous, I think it's ridiculous. You aren't like them, i.e. you're not a farmer. Would you wear a three-piece suit if you were on a commercial for a lawyer? But next time you're on the farm maybe you should go with cutoffs. :P Is it possible the cameraman(DP?, OP?) was just messing with you?
  9. Looks interesting. I like the zipper idea for when I'm not using my pouch and the magnet for when I am. I'm not a huge fan of the air can holder, is it removable? Any ideas on prices yet?
  10. I'm not sure how IATSE would feel about this. :D
  11. I've used the Pcam app and despite putting the info in correct and pull was soft because I didn't pull to that actual distances and just tried to keep it within the DoF the Pcam told me. What's really interesting is that I've compared different DoF calculator apps, Pcam, Kodak, Pocket DIT, ISee4K. put in the same information in all of them and they each gave me different results. I've since decided to just be 'on' and just use it as a reference and not a crutch.
  12. agreed, but i am totally ok with the director, dp, and producer being late. :D
  13. Let me pick my jaw up off the floor. Wow that sounds amazing.
  14. Here's my 2 cents. Around every 4000' shot, I would send to your lab(I recommend Deluxe in LA, cheap(.08 per foot) and great) and then to your telecine lab and get an HD telecine(i really liked Cinelicious(and they have a Diamond Clear HD(uprez) that's pretty cheap) have them transfer it via hard drive and they'll ship it back to you. This way you will have some of your film processed and telecine'd completely, before the shoot is over and be able to see if everything is working.
  15. If you're missing grain that much shoot s16. :P
  16. So you said you knew a camera on your resume but you really didn't? :wacko:
  17. What's up with all the blown focus pulls? Lotsa buzzing.
  18. You didn't flash it, not tell anyone and let them shoot it did you?
  19. Did you flash already exposed film or unexposed raw film? If it was exposed, it depends how much light and how long you had the door open. I flashed an exposed roll once in the dark room on the truck(immediately told all that needed to be told) for about a second. It was fine, no problem whatsoever.
  20. excuse me, by eye measurement i thought he meant eye focus i thought he meant he was looking into the eye-pice and focusing that way. If it is 60ft away, that's what laser distance finders are for.
  21. But if you measure every shot (tape/laser) that's what the focus should be right? What 1st eye focuses on film?
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