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  1. My information about the film rolls was incorrect. They seem to be Double Super8. Sorry for the misinformation. Kurt
  2. I have two 100ft daylight spools of old Double 8 Kodak Plus-x (100asa reversal). If you can use them for a camera test or decorative puroses let me know, I'll send them to you from Belgium (please pay postage). One can opened, one can sealed. Not stored refrigirated.
  3. Now that they have finished their camera they close the forum on their own website. How does this make sense? Not a good sign to me. Don't they believe in their product anymore?
  4. Last summer Dejonghe transfered some comparable stock for me. Most of the dynamic range was indeed eaten up by fog. Some shots came out quite nice in my opinion. Like badly faded slide film. Others were just bad in any way. It was fun to see and do, but is has no practical use whatsoever. It also very unpredictable. Can you resist trying?
  5. Sorry, technical lapsus! I meant to say 'through the lens' Bolex. Prism, not reflex.
  6. You could contact Andrew Alden from bolex.co.uk I see he has some viewfinders available. He's a really helpful guy and his prices are correct. Make sure you get one with 10mm attachment. I have reflex bolex bodies but I also have one, just to use it as a director's viewfinder. Side notes: 1) Andrew also wrote a very practical reference book on Bolex camera's, called 'The Bolex Bible' 2) Can anybody teach me English? Is it two Bolex's, two Bolexes or two Bolexs?
  7. Another one in Belgium: Studio L'équipe http://www.studio-equipe.be/index.php?lang=en
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