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  1. Thanks Dan, in fact I found it from that site at first but right now I have two wedges but don't know how to assemble them because I need to find a viable math formula to correctly place each prism in the right place to get the ratio magnification I want. I want to make my prism squeeze from 16:9 to 2.40:1.
  2. I saw there is an alternative to building an anamorphic lenses for projection purposes and I suspect I could use it to film it right in front of my DSLR. But the problem is I want to know if there is any formulas to ensure us that I am getting the image squeeze that I prefer.
  3. I will try to make it cheaper maybe 20 dollars a piece?
  4. From show of hands who would buy my product if i were to mass produce my own design of a super 8 tank?
  5. I see we have a market in super 8 development by looking at this forum there is plenty of people who shoots super 8. Why there is still no companies makes this tank and sell it for a much lower price?
  6. is there a chance fujifilm will offer cheap super 8 development or maybe they will setup their own super 8 film?
  7. Last time i went to Pac Lab, most of the people working there looks somber. I tried to joke around with them but they persist in throwing back taunting responses without any smile. Anyone know what's the next option to develop super 8 within NYC?
  8. when writing a movie script how do I write in the script say, the screen is pitch black and suddenly a word comes up, it could be a title or date, or name, etc.
  9. > do you mean if the subject is 15 feet i have to focus the camera lens and the anamorphic lens 15 feet? Is there an easier alternative?
  10. I have a sankor 16c and a sankyo LXL 250. I nearly have to zoom all the way to get a perfect crop from the anamoprhic lens without vignetting. However, the lens needs to be approximately ten feet away to get a head shot. Is there a wide angle adapter for these kind of lens? and How do I focus an anamorphic lens? Or do I just focus the camera lens or both?
  11. I know I am retro, but I was thinking of typing my stuff on a manual typewriter. Is there a way to set the margins for a manual typewriter to type my own movie script?
  12. It was super 8 plux x "process d-94a"
  13. I was very dissappointment when I got back my film unprocessed from Kodak. CVS helped me sent out the film.
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