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  1. Hi...some folks, after two years now, are still try to contact my old company, Raw Stock. I am with Fuji...have been for two years! So...I can't help with ends, Kodak, etc. Fuji is still going strong! Call me anytime at 646 242 3294 or email... rkalinsky@fujifilm.com Thanks, Rich Kalinsky
  2. My office # is 212 905 2390. Cell 646 242 3294. Rich
  3. There have been a couple of topics recently concerning ends and recans...a world I spent over 20 years of my life involved with. Some shameless promotion here, but I'm with Fuji now; We currently have and are selling 16mm film stocks for prices that are lower than I used to charge for ends and recans. If you need "cheap" 16mm, I may be able to help. Rich
  4. Whoops...used wrong log in...anyway, if you'd like to test Fuji, let me know. Rich 646 242 3294
  5. Your local labs cannot develop motion picture film...
  6. Hi...I may be able to help you out. Whether you want to shoot with the Vivid 160 or one of the other Fuji stocks, give me call or send me a note. Rich Kalinsky Fujifilm USA 212 905 2390 rkalinsky@fujifilm.com
  7. Fujifilm has (finally) opened an office in NYC @ 609 Greenwich St., 4th floor. 16mm and 35mm film is in stock for pick up... This is the "unofficial announcement"... Give me a call or send a note! Rich rkalinsk@fujifilm.com 212 905 2390 (Yeah, Rich that used to be with Raw Stock...)
  8. There's really no demand for Black and White stocks as far as I can tell. From a business perspective, and Fuji and Kodak are businesses, even if all the folks on the petitions actually ordered significant amounts of stock, it would still barely be a spit in the ocean. If I were into the discontinued stock and really wanted them, I'd call the dealers worldwide, and buy whatever I could find and store it. If the plus X stocks were gone, I'd learn to use the other B and W stocks or experiment with color neg.
  9. I'll be at Cine Gear in LA the first weekend in June at the Fujifilm booth.
  10. Hi...I've been lurking here for years. I tried unsuccessfully to register a few times... My name has come up many times, as I was the owner of Raw Stock Inc., and I've sold millions of feet of film. As some of you know, I recently became the East Coast representative of Fujifilm USA. It was an exciting opportunity that I couldn't pass up, although I do miss the folks that used to sell to me and buy from me. I know it sounds like a cheap plug, but, surprisingly, sales of Fujifilm are actually going up in this declining marketplace...maybe it's the stock, maybe the price, probably a combination of both. I've never been a technical expert, but I always made sure my shipments arrived on time at a good price...so that's my starting point for my new adventure. I can still be contacted at my old phone numbers and email address (recans@aol.com), or you can email me at rkalinsk@fujifilm.com (no "y" at the end of my name in the email address...) Feel free to send me a note or call with questions, recommendations, information, or just to say "Hi!" Thanks! Rich
  11. Many of the "online" places overcharge for ends and recans, and especially for "new" stock. Some of them with large and fancy web sites, don't even stock anything...they don't even have an office...just a web site and a PO box. When the orders come in, they order the film from Kodak or Fuji or a "re-seller" and then just mark it up. For ends and recans, I'd recommend West Coast Film Co. (818 980 6131), Film Emporium (212 683 2433), Certified (416 537 9775) and Reel Good (323 876 5427).
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