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  1. I posted this in 2010. Is there any wetgate to HD available for Super 8 now?
  2. Could you explain what you mean by scan the entire frame and explain why Cinelicious' set-up has lesser resolution. In stil photography, when you use a lens with wider coverage to shoot a smaller format film, you benefit because only the center of the lens is used and the center has the highest resolution. So what you are saying about this confuses me a bit.
  3. I am looking for a Direct transfer from Super 8 film to HD 1080P format, ,not an up-ressed one from SD. Can you do this?
  4. I am looking for a Direct transfer from Super 8 film to HD 1080P format, ,not an up-ressed one from SD. Can Myron do it directly to HD?
  5. So what is the best transfer house to use to get the best quality? I have a lot of Kodachrome. I want to use it for large screen projection so I want the highest resolution. I am planning to transfer it to HD 1080P with Pillars. I figure this will give me the best quality I can get out of the Super 8 Kodashrome stock. Is this correct? Or should I transfer to an even higher resolution than that? If it will improve it, I would do the higher res in expectation of future improvements in projection resolution just as HD has improved over SD. Any recommendations of specific labs would be appreciated. I was looking for an HD wet gate transfer but have not found it after extensive queries. Do you know one?
  6. I do high resolution scans of my 35mm color slide film. I have made them at 4,000 DPI with Nikon scanner, 5400DPI with Minolta scanner, and currently use an Imacon 848 scanner at 8000 DPI. At least four years ago I tested every available Grain Reducing software for MAC. I found that Neat Image was head and shoulders better than others. http://www.neatimage.com/ It is also available for Windows. I have not tested since then and they have some new versions which I may not have upgraded to, but I am still happy whenever I need to reduce grain in an image. I am planning to transfer a lot of Super 8 film soon but am not sure if this app is applicable to moving pictures.
  7. Thank you very much. I will both try your suggestions and would like to have you do a compression for me on a commercial basis. Send me your contact info please.
  8. Thank you again, I know how you feel about teaching someone how to use a Program —I am sometimes on the other side of that one. But what you have given me is enough to start testing it out. I already use Compression but I could not find anything about this issue, just as I have not found information on much of what I have been doing in the last year, capturing HI-8 tapes to uncompressed 10bit video. So thanks for responding. This gives me the idea to share my experiences and the few things I learned about converting Hi-8 tapes. My best [ quote name=Paul Korver' timestamp='1294564838' post='341969] Hi Elliot, I don't have time to teach you how to use DVD Studio Pro. There's manuals for that :) Just make sure that you're not telling DVD Studio Pro to do an transcoding of the MP2 assets you created from Compressor and you should be fine. And don't use iMovie which I believe transcodes all media by default. -Paul
  9. Why would I need Apple Pro Res 48K if I already have uncompressed 10bit as my Master footage. Wouldn't that be compressing/converting it for no reason? thanks
  10. Thanks to both Paul and Phil for the functional suggestions. I wil try Paul's methodology with Compressor first as I have that technology. But what do I do after I use Compressor? What should my settings be when I put it into DVD Studio pro or IDVD. I've tried it and the DVD compression mess up the video because it is not the usual type of tripod created video. I don't need menus or titles. Phil: Can you please explain further how one does: 2-pass encode from something like ffmpeg?
  11. I have some five films that I want to put onto DVD's which will play on consumer video DVD decks. There is a lot of motion in them and there are few if any frames which match the ones before or after each other because the camera is moving quickly. My edited files are 10 bit uncompressed SD which has been de-interlaced. (I guess this makes it 10 bit SD progressive?). I own FCP studio 6 and the Avid Media Composer group of programs. As the DVD will have more than enough space for the 5 minute film, how can I set the paramaters of the DVD creation software to compress it as little as possible for a "consumer" video DVD? As there is more than enough space on the DVD, I would like to have no Key frames and have each frame of the video be unique.
  12. If you get any serious interest from a manufacturer, please reply to this. I use Super 8 in a way ONLY super 8 can be used. The reasons of cost and old time look are not factors for me-certainly not the old time look. I use super 8 to create gorgeous film which is to be transferred to video and not projected. My project has not been released yet, so I won't show it, but if there is a camera manufacturer who wants to know "why make a super 8 camera," I believe i can prove the viability of it for artistic as well as commercial reasons. But it involves fifty foot cartridges and a light easily hand holdable camera. Along the weight and size of the Bauer C royal E series bodies with interchangeable lenses, if possible.
  13. http://www.film.project-consultant.net/html/adams64_new_cams.html modifies Bauer cameras so they can perfectly expose Ektachrome 64. I think you can also use the modification for other films as well—ones that do not exactly match the 40/160 film speeds which the camera automatically recognizes.
  14. Does any lab transfer Super 8 directly to HD video with a wetgate? I do not want upressed transfer from SD.
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