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  1. Have a short film I'm shooting on super16 that I'm prepping for right now coming up around the new years. Graciously had many rolls of 16mm (7203,7207,7219) in 200' a minima rolls and some standard 400' rolls donated to me and the director. Looking at packages and wondering if it's worth testing out some different lenses than the usual canon super16 zooms I've used before (8-64, 6-66, 11-135) with zeiss 16 super speeds or ultra prime 16's, or if I try to opt for maybe some sharper 35mm glass like S4's or the Summicron's. I feel that with the smaller negative size you don't see the nuances of the glass as much as you would on 35mm film or digital. Anyone have any experience where they've tested 16mm lenses vs 35mm lenses and how noticeable were the differences. Any help/advice is very appreciated. Thanks.
  2. You could also saran wrap the camera and make slits where needed (ie:mag throat, lens mount, movement door) to keep it a little neater/less cumbersome, or as an additional layer beneath. Definitely keep a Clear filter or 2 that you can keep in the mattebox all the time and just pull out once you go for the shot.
  3. An SR with an EF just seems funny to me. In other words, No they can't.
  4. For a move like a simple push in, I'll take marks and measure as normal, even set a stretch of tape up on the ground from the beginning and end of the move and mark out each foot. Obviously, alot of steadicam shots tend to be more involved and require just going by eye, which is when i'll usually be perpendicular to the line of action constantly judging the distance between the gate/sensor and the actor/subject. I usually like to just mark out the whole focus wheel on the remote. Something that also helps me, is to calibrate the lens to a longer minimum focus distance as some lenses have a lot of barrel for those shorter focus distances, I'll usually set it to 3 ft. or something as long as I'm sure the subject would safely never get that close to the camera.
  5. Really not a fan of these oversized unwieldy lenses from the POV of an AC, I've found that most often the lenses don't line up so well with focus witness marks. I'm really not much of a fan of the way they look as well, don't like the bokeh, horrible flares, just have a very clinical and plastic-like look them. The best lenses I've seen paired with the red are some old cooke s2's.
  6. Alot of cases, and swamps.
  7. Wow, this is an interesting choice for adapting. Shooting Vistavision on the wides would be grand. Looking forward to hearing more as it develops.
  8. Heard you're shooting in Massapequa. I live a few towns over, If you get a chance, definitely try out All American burger.
  9. I love this show and loved the 16mm aesthetic of it, and the pan and scan kind of blocking. Looking forward to seeing the next season.
  10. The stills look great!. Billy's actually a friend of mine, and asked me that morning if I could come out and help, but unfortunately I was already working. Hope to see the final cut at some point.
  11. Nate, thanks for your helpful feedback, I appreciate it. I should've prefaced this clip without being an actual DP Reel, it's just something I threw together quickly to have something I shot on the internet. I'm still collecting the other footage I shot, and trying to figure out the whole file situation with mixing in SD footage with different aspect ratios and whatnot. As soon as I get it done, I'll be sure to post it up here.
  12. http://www.vimeo.com/10224517 Just cut these shots up as a reel from a super16 short film I finished. Definitely looking for some honest critique, it's the 4th film I've shot and the first of which have been HD transferred. Thanks.
  13. They must've thought of this ahead of time. NOOOOO!!!
  14. I figured a few people might appreciate these short yet wonderful clips. Hearing that Malick's unique improvised style of filmmaking can even make a master like Lubezki question and doubt himself which was definitely a real eye opener for me. Lubezki comes off extremely humble and charming, and inspirational which is what I've heard from a few people who've met him. I can't wait to see this film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfDkI74GAzk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4rAXeeEvMg...feature=channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbOX7Ccseow...feature=channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lnwl6MJCjcU...feature=channel
  15. Sean, how you been buddy? Saw the trailer for the feature you shot, great job on that! Sorry to hear about this. I actually just spoke to George about it, and he said that it maybe could have something to do with the video tap optics leaking light into the light path. Definitely something to investigate as the camera has probably been modified quite a few times over the years.
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