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  1. What do you mean shimmed-out? How can it be done? Do you do this type of work?
  2. I just mailed out my rex4 to bernie this week. He told me that he was converting bolexs to ultra 16 more than Super 16. email him at bernie@super16inc.com.
  3. Where did you get your camera modified? I am thinking of going to Bernie O and have my old REX-4 modified to Ultra 16 with the laserbrighten.
  4. Bernie...I just got a Rex-4 and was thinking of sending it to you for the Laserbrighten and for a checkup. You mention Ultra 16, How is that compared to S16 conversion in cost of having it done? Is ultra 16 the new s16?
  5. People have found that the letus loses very little light and is very good. I personally use the SGpro V3 adapter with nikon still lenses and have good success. there is a option mount PL-mount or OCT-13 lenses on the adapter. Not to mention they both offer flip so the image is right side up. You can get more detail from other forums like DVinfo.net or Dvxuser.com. for more information.
  6. I myself use my 24mm f2.8 more than the 28mm F2.8 because I need it wider if I want to crop my footage later in post to 1:85:1 or 2:35:1 figures. Having the 24mm just gives more information in my final output. I also shoot 35mm f2.0 for my normal shots then use 85mm for telephoto and for extremes I use my 135mm f2 for those closeups. My 3 I would pick is 24mm,35mm and 85mm.
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