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  1. Does anyone have any experience or an opinion on how the Director would handle a 65mm scan... or would Folkem still be the more viable route for higher resolution.
  2. Your transfer work is awesome! Two questions. Do you know what wet gate transfer means? Came across this topic and it was given as a tip, but I am not sure what it means. Second, have you ever considered professional work on larger format? I am shooting 65mm and would be interested to catch your thoughts. The typical scanning costs associated with 8k and 11k scans on 65mm don't make any sense to me.

  3. My favorite film, my favorite band, playing my favorite song. Holland, I am embarrassed to say how much I have watched this film/song and sent the link to others. It always leaves me mesmerized... their confidence Complete slice of history you captured here... something for the ages. https://youtu.be/NCtzkaL2t_Y
  4. Considering we are at the two or three year mark for release/availability of the new camera, I have an idea. Being a longtime, huge fan of Kodak, I feel more than qualified to offer a small amount of advice to Kodak Development. Here goes... please listen close... Shut up and get to work. Dear lord Development... I have a question... what the hell are you doing? If any of you had an administration or superior that truly cared for you... you would have been fired many years ago. Enthusiastic talk of new film stock offerings, new cameras, and a new processing center must stop. I'm embarrassed for you. Kodak, take the advice of a friend, Let's "put our crypto-currencies where our mouth is" and actually produce something.
  5. Enjoyable thread. What are the recent Coca-cola commercials shot with? I'm not a professional, it's difficult for me to decipher if it's film.
  6. Arthur, you're a master craftsman! Thanks for posting your efforts!
  7. I'm a huge fan of Perry, excellent business man and excellent work!
  8. Dear Kodak Audience Award Winner, Your film is awesome! I actually watched it again this morning. It's your eye for shots, noticeable effort, and your attention to detail that I appreciate most. For Super 8, it's epic IMO. Do put Perry, quoted above, on your list for transfer... crazy fast service and shipping, superior equipment, and his love for film is unmatched. Also watched your "Lights and Shades" this morning for the 100th time! That film paired with that song is pretty much the mother **(obscenity removed)**. I love to watch it on my projector with the sound turned up really loud. BTW, Harrison Jedan and I are following each other on Vimeo and I have decided... "hey, it's not a Harrison Jedan Film unless someone shoots the middle finger" :) :) Didn't realize you're in Phoenix... that's my all time dream city to live in. Spectacular area where I feel the sky is a unique hue of blue. Be good Hunter, and stay at it. Ted
  9. Anyway to follow progress on social media?
  10. Goliath is next on my list. Billy Bob on the Fargo series was surreal. The Crown on Netflix is a really exceptional story with a budget that appears endless. Casting was really smart and costumes/props just seem impossible to reproduce.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to view. Ironic, running digital footage through a Super 8 template is what actually caused me to explore the idea of shooting real Super 8 film. However, I didn't realize just how challenging and how much fun it would be. It's peculiar in how when I shoot something, I have no way to go back and check the shot :) The anticipation, the waiting, the learning process, I see why the forum is so popular.
  12. Well, there's two noticeable issues considering your questions Paul. I don't really have a story. Color isn't good. First attempt at Super 8 with negative, b/w, and reversal. Reversal roll appeared oversaturated and color was rather baked-in (hobbiest, so apologize in that I might not know the correct lingo or terminology). What I am trying to say is reversal didn't seem to have any leverage to work with and black and white was just as difficult. Negative was fresh stock from BHPhoto and responded better. Not familiar with coloring in Resolve, I imagine that would have helped. Regardless, something is terribly missing.
  13. Appreciate any suggestions, please be candid. When I put effort towards a project, people tend to get silent. What am I doing wrong?
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