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  1. Hey Sergey, fellow Russin here :) I know a a long shot as the post is so old, but I'm considering a set of these lenses and wondering if yours might still be available? Cheers
  2. It's a center nd used to compensate for the harsh vignetting common on older super wide lenses shot wide open. As far as I can guess anyways...
  3. Hit up everybody you know out there, and anybody who may know someone. get to set early. work your ass off. talk to people in the departments you're interested in. Listen. Be patient. Accept that you have a lot to learn, and keep learning forever.
  4. That look comes from the on-camera flash of cheap 35mm point and shoots. the light is a tiny source, with relatively limited distribution throughout the frame. Frontal lighting is the key. Pay attention to the shadows. A single sheet of 250 in front of a small source would be a good place to start.
  5. It goes without saying that the best tool in your arsenal, as for any job on set, is a good attitude. That said, what are your guys' thoughts on pledge / baby powder for a sticky track? I've seen it happen many times that dolly track gets rented out without a crate of wedges too, so I would always keep some of those and a good level on standby just in case if I were in your shoes.
  6. A kino alone won't do it. What you see in the attached photo is a hazy room with a relatively hard light backlighting. To me, it seems like either a single source, or with very soft fill from the front. If I were you, I would try to get my hands on a solid fog machine (or several for a space as big as the nightclub) and an hmi fresnel or par. A kino would be a good choice for front fill, but I would preferably shoot it through at least an 8 by grid. Anything smaller would be too "sourcy".
  7. Hi Bo, I'm based in LA and have extensive experience shooting 16mm, including with arri film cameras. In 2012, I shot my first feature on s16 (http://www.thecedarsmovie.com/) and much prefer shooting with celluloid. I'll send you an email shortly! Cheers.
  8. The major complaints on the red one had to do with the fact that it takes an exorbitant amount of time to power up (over a minute). That menus are convoluted (they are. Switching framerates is a pain, but it's all there). And that it suffers from overheating and dropped frames (though over the course of half a dozen shoots I've DPed with the camera, I have not yet run into this issue, even running continuously for 2-3 hours. I'm sure others could shed more light on this camera, but when it comes down to it, you have a very competent 4k cine camera with 14 stops of dynamic range distributed as you wish between shadows and highlights depending on how you rate the ISO, and a very reasonable connectivity interface. Actually, my biggest complaint is that it's too damn heavy. A full day with a RED One on the shoulder will surely and sorely be felt. It's as heavy as a 35mm camera. I've use the epic only once, and can't comment on it yet.
  9. 100% 16mm coverage. I may be mistaken, but I believe the PL lens mount is exactly the same for 35 and 16. Someone please correct me if not. The problem would not be the mount, but rather the circle of coverage that the lenses provide. Even if the 16mm lens barealy covered 35 (and it's not uncommon for lenses designed for a smaller format to have significant extra coverage) it would still be pushing the limits and you would have very noticable vignetting. Essentially, the corners of the image would show significantly poor quality, and the image would not match with lenses designed for 35. That said, you could use that to your advantage! I would be very curious personally how these lesnses look on a larger format. Anybody know of a test?
  10. What sort of frequency are you looking to fire the flashes at? if 9-11 times / second is good enough, the simplest solution I could think of would be to use speedlights at low power setting. I have photographed skateboarding sequences in this way, and you can get 9 fps at 1/32 power with Nikon SB 28 flashes (and certainly with the sb 800 and 900). Hook the flashes up to pocketwizards and use a camera capable of that fps with another pocketwizard to trigger the flashes. You need to provide more specifics about the effect you're looking to get.
  11. Your incident reading won't lie. Typically, brown skin reads a stop under, and caucasian skin a stop over when taking a spot reading relative to your incident reading. Pacific islanders' skin is often dead on with the incident reading, hence labs in the olden days compared the exposure of film to a "China Girl", even using a densiometer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_Girl_%28filmmaking%29. Are you exposing with film? With digital, false color is probably your most valuable exposure tool.
  12. Stuart, interesting lights! The color in your screengrabs looks very nice, and you're right, Kinos are definitely a bit bluer than daylight, but if they're matching only skylight, and not direct sun, they're not so bad as to be unusable, and they're certainly low-budget friendly, which is a main issue here.
  13. Kinos will probably be your least expensive daylight balanced option with decent wrap around. I would bring a tungsten fresnel kit with ctb as well just for rim light options, and have some shiny board and showcard or beadboard ready. Scope out your options for LEDs too. Those little 1x1 foot panels are pretty nifty, but they can make some nasty shadows if you shoot close ups, and especially if you flag them. You'll definitely notice that it's not a single source, but an array of tiny lights.
  14. Hey guys. The title says it all. I need an underwater housing for an Arris Sr2... the camera will not be submerged more than 7-8 feet as the shooting with be in a swimming pool. I do not need anything elaborate whatsoever. I have researched the matter and have been referred to ASL in NYC, but they do not have any housings to fit film cameras. I have also found this model housing... http://www.pacetech.com/Cameras/16mm_Housing/16mm.htm but have no idea who would rent it out. If anybody could refer me to other models or a rental house which may have such gear, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance! - Dan
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