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  1. It's hard to tell exactly what you're after. You started with a series of wrong assumptions and Matt tried to dig you out from under them. Now perhaps you should change your tone and start over.
  2. Could you post a link to the article? Now I'm curious.
  3. I suspect it's like the iris ring on an ENG lens as opposed to the little knob on the camera body.
  4. The Nikon 8mm vignettes no matter what you're shooting (edit) 2/3" chips or larger (edit). I think the widest full-frame Nikon lens is the 18mm. Anything wider and you start to lose the corners. I'd do what John said if you can find someone with Digiprimes to rent but they're not cheap and that particular Digiprime is bound to be a rarity. I've never seen one though I've never gone looking.
  5. I hate it when I spend half an hour on a post in response to a thread that was dredged up from a year ago.
  6. You can use an Elura that has firewire. As for attaching the cam to the computer, turn both off. Connect firewire. Turn on computer. Turn on camera. Launch NLE. It's not just Canons, I know it happens with Sony Z1's and the little HVR-10 and 25 decks.
  7. Those lenses are purpose-built by Red? I would've guessed they were re-housed.
  8. Was the computer turned on when you attached the firewire? If so, you've fried the main fuse and now you need to send it in to Canon to get it replaced.
  9. With a name like that you must be some kind of genious.
  10. So you're saying the Quicktime file looks good on your computer? Do you have an NTSC preview monitor? How are you doing the compression for DVD? With Compressor? DVD Stu Pro? Detail the steps you take from the shoot to the dvd output EXACTLY and people may be able to tell you where you went wrong, otherwise it's just guessing.
  11. Outside of Circuit City, that's the way camera systems are sold. The price of a Varicam is $68K (or whatever they sell for now). That's for the body. EVERYTHING is ala carte with high-end systems.
  12. Could he have meant he wanted to record the SDI output of the camera w/ a Digibeta deck? That would raise it from 8-bit (on cam recording) to 10-bit 4:2:2 which would be better for greenscreen. As far as the BPM filter, it would make the greenscreen edge bloom onto your subject so I'd do that effect in post.
  13. It's too bad you're not American, then, becuase you have a Champion(s) in the current bunch running this country. They don't care to see the 'more important' entities be rationed either. Why, the defense budget of the United States is just barely more than the defense budgets of all the rest of the countries in the world combined. Can you imagine if some bunch of narcissist fairies engaged in "The Arts" were to start syphoning off some of that? Where would we be then? Hell, Sweden subsidized Ingmar Bergman and look what that got them. They also heavily subsidize the health of their citizens but their defense budget is candy-assed. Here in America we like to see that people with real money can get the best medical attention money can buy. Subsidy- schmubsidy.
  14. Actually, what I find tedious around here is the utter lack of criticism when it comes to even the most obviously commercial Hollywood product. I'm not saying that's what "The Departed" is, I haven't seen it yet, but the slavishness with which people (mostly the wannabees) bray on about this DP or that director gets nauseating. Criticism is an integral part of the learning process, particularly in this field. Scorsese and Michael Ballhaus have both done great things but that doesn't mean everything they do is great. Both of them are well aware that there are people out there who know the difference.
  15. Hmm, I never heard that. I used mine nearly every day for about three years without a hiccup. Somebody must've gotten one that went into the drink. How many people/sources have you heard this from?
  16. I had an M-6 and the 75% viewfinder was horrendous for me. I tried for about 6 months to get used to it but couldn't. I sold it and the three lenses and bought a Contax G-2 system. It was night and day. I know people swear by Leicas and the lenses are sharp, but check out the Contax system. It's auto-focus if you want it to be and I took some fabulous pictures with it. Unless you're just looking for the zeitgeist factor of an old Leica, which I fully understand.
  17. Yes, it could be. Ask him which deck he recorded on.
  18. Man, I wish I had that kind of freedom. To just walk away when things don't go EXACTLY as I'd like. 'course in real life, once the word got out that I just up and quit the first time I didn't get my way, getting that next job might be more difficult. And so on.
  19. Since your capture is not set to 8-bit uncompressed, it's possible you did NOT capture the material that way. In the browser, scroll over to the right and check the capture settings and see how your clips were captured. Did you capture with a Kona card? How did you take in the material uncompressed? You can't do it over firewire. As for the pulldown (2:3:2:3), I'm on shakier ground but I believe you need to remove the pulldown before you start adding clips to the (23.976fps) timeline. Hopefully someone with more experience editing 24p will chime in. There are a lot more editors on thhe 2-POP forums and also you can try the LAFCPUG forums.
  20. I think you should shoot this story: http://tinyurl.com/p5utu
  21. Go to audio/video settings in the FCP menu, copy down ALL your settings. Then go to the sequence menu and check to see if they are the same as those in the A/V. It sounds like you have a mismatch somewhere. If you have a mismatch, start a new sequence with the correct settings and delete the old one.
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