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  1. Its an Arri standard mount turret, not C mount, my apologies. And yes its 200ft.
  2. I have a 2c with arri c mount 3 lens turret, original handheld motor and 100ft mag. I am based in UK so you would have to pay shipping. PM me with and offer, looks a bit like this but not as shiny..
  3. "Maybe this sounds like a first world problem?" it does, unfortunately. I can sympathise as it sounds like a sad state of affairs, but I imagine the amount of dop's that can truly relate to this article are in the dozens and its not the kind of published material thats about to change things for the better anytime soon.
  4. Teal and orange is to colour, what black and white is to exposure. High colour contrast is pleasing to the eye, as is a beautiful silhouette. Colour should be motivated, be it for physiological or practical effect and not forced in a direction just to make an image stand out, the same way you wouldn't crush shadows or blast out highlights. Sure in a line of images, the more contrast there is, the more it will stand out, I believe thats why posters do push it a bit too far, but in films it really isn't necessary or aesthetically pleasing to over push it without practical or artistic motivation.
  5. its madness that industry standard software can't upscale footage to the standard of some open source freeware.
  6. This superb set of rare vintage prime lens are in great condition and ready to shoot on. There are no scratches, marks or fungus on the glass and the lens mechanics run smoothly. All lens have Arri standard mount and included are two PL adaptors with caps along with a focus gear that fits all lens'. The focus gripscan be easily removed. I am willing to post outside of the UK but will have to calculate the cost and add it to the price. All four lens have front caps but no rear caps. These lens are naturally warm and the 75mm is a little warmer than the others. People that know about these old Cooke lens' will know they are radioactive and simply leaving the glass exposed to sunlight will remove the slight haze completely. These lens are ideal for Red Epic/Scarlet/Alexa sized sensors. £7500 (Sold as a set only) North London pick up or £30 postage to UK, worldwide postage £50 I have more images on Flickr Flickr Gallery
  7. £1500 Buy it now or offers accepted http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=271420472897 This 50mm lens was part of a set of primes that had two so I have no use for it . There are no visible scratches or fogging on the lens. The glass is slightly warm in tone like all vintage cooke lenes but there doest appear to be any yellow haze or loss of light. As it is old there are minor specs of dust in the inner elements but this should not effect the quality of image produced by the lens. The aperture and focus mechanics seem to be running perfectly smooth. The 35mm footage I shot with this lens was beautiful and the only reason I'm selling it is because my other 50mm has less marks on the exterior housing. It sat perfectly in a PL adapter I have to be mounted on a PL mount body. It does not have a lens cap but will be packaged well in a dust free environment. Due to the age of the lens I cannot accept returns. I am willing to post outside of the UK but will have to calculate the cost and add it to the price.
  8. The Place Beyond the Pines has some amazing hand-held work, really enhanced the film in an organic way.
  9. I would imagine similar sorts of fantasy's and delusions are imagined by young people in many other fields of work, for example, aspiring doctors or architects. Most students will not have the privilege of being tutored regularly by an experienced filmmaker who can relay how a current day commercial film set operates. Fantasizing and naivety will always be a trait in the younger filmmakers trying to break into the industry. I think people that are serious about a career owe it to themselves to read up on accounts of people that have made it before. With the internet there are no excuses really. The amount of high budget behind the scenes diary's there are floating around online of top Hollywood films, its plain as day how much pressure everyone is under.
  10. I agree with Adrian, owning new equipment is not the best source of motivation. I have picked up alot of new gear over the years and if anything, not finding practical use for it can become unmotivating. I sometimes envy times when I had less equipment and was forced to create a special image with what little I had to hand. Heres a short I shot with a panasonic dv holiday camera with no manual settings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpVEhj522zU&sns=em Im sending this not to blow my own trumpet but to hopefully help you think about what you have. My strongest times of being motivated are long showers, cups of coffee and meeting creative friends. Haridas
  11. Thanks Randy, the entire reel was shot on the 5D Mark 2. I wish had more of a variety of formats to include, but I have found my favorite results so far have come from that camera. I'm looking to shoot 35mm as soon as possible and have found this forum to be an outstanding source of information regarding my apprehensive move back to film
  12. I hate to spam this site with my material, but I need some real feedback other than "oh I love it :D" Employers never give feedback, friends haven't got a clue. I am relying on the opinions of this site, which I highly respect and spend all day reading. http://vimeo.com/26650009 Thanks, Haridas
  13. When using the screen as an exposure reference on the 5D I normally go one stop under for the standard pucture style and 1 stop over with cine style. This has given me the safest playground for grading. I would only advise to use the extra latitude of cine style if you really want to use it, as i have crushed blacks and blown highlights and it doesnt look as nice as getting it in the camera with the standard style. Not to stear off topic, but for people that do use the 5D screen as a picture reference and manually set w/b, i have found it atleast 800k too warm when reviewing rushes on a variety of monitors. If i dont have a monitor on set now, i always compensate for this and so far have been happy with the results. Haridas
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