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  1. Hi, Do you still have these mags available for sale? Thank you. Steven Holloway steven@shfilms.com 301-332-1148
  2. Hi , Do you still have the 800' mags for sale? Thanks.
  3. Digital looks so dead to me. I love the look of 16 mm, especially the 7213 stock. Nothing digital can compare to film when it comes to capturing the color in a person’s face. Close-ups, on film, are stunning. Digital makes faces look like plastic.
  4. Hello: I am looking to purchase either an Arricam LT or ST for a class I will be teaching at my school. Thank you! Steven Holloway FilmFiction 301-332-1148 (c)
  5. Sorry, Matt. Just saw your post. It's a work of art in my opinion. Beautifully made.
  6. Hello all, I'm looking for someone who could still make a film magazine barney. Lee at Cup Camera made a beautiful ARRIMAG 120 one for me about three years ago but I'm not sure he's still in business. Anyone know how to contact him or any other possible sources. Thanks a bunch! Steven Holloway Laurel, Maryland FilmFiction 301-362-1660
  7. Thank you everyone for contributing to this discussion. Your ideas and comments have been very helpful. In my research, I came across this Kodak test using a variety of stocks and film formats: Although I though the overall video looked a bit soft, it gave me a rough idea what to expect when mixing the two formats. My plan is run some tests using your suggestions. Thank you Satsuki for your suggestion not to push the 35mm stock to get more grain, that it was going to shift the color and contrast. I'm also going to try zooming into the 35mm in post and see what happens. I will post the results. No matter what, I still plan to shoot at least the last scene in the film in 35mm which is a super wide shot. Thanks again! Steven Holloway Laurel, Maryland www.shfilms.com
  8. Thanks everyone for your great suggestions and information! Very helpful! Whenever I shoot 16mm I'm always a bit disappointed with the wide shots and the noticeable lack of detail. The hope is that with the 35mm would solve that problem. I'm thinking, what if I used the same 03 stock (16mm and 35mm) and pushed the 35mm a stop to two? Steven Holloway Laurel, Maryland www.shfilms.com
  9. Hello, I am preparing to shoot a project where I what to use both 16mm and 35mm stocks. The plan is to shoot the CS to MS sized shots in16mm (7203) and the wider angle shots in 35mm. I am looking for advice about which 35mm stock to use that will best match the 16mm 7203 in grain, contrast and color. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you. Steven Holloway steven@shfilms.com
  10. Hello, I just learned that Kodak has discontinued making 200' loads of 35mm film. I have an Arri 3C with both 200 and 400' foot mags. However, I would like to continue using my 200' mags. How can I best make 200' loads from say 400' rolls? I have a set of rewinds. Can the film stock be rolled off and used without rewinding? Thanks! Steven
  11. Hello, I'm looking for a small parts machine shop that could possibly re-tap a screw hole on a film camera part and fabricate a new special-shaped screw. Any recommendations within the US would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Steven Holloway 301-953-2218
  12. Sure... I located outside of Washington DC in Laurel Maryland.. just south of Baltimore. No problem for me to send it anywhere in the US. Steven
  13. Hello, I looking for a small parts machine shop that could possibly re-tap a screw hole on a film camera part. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Steven Holloway 301-953-2218
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