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  1. My favorite shot in the movie comes after the British grenadiers battle the French: Skip to 2:52 I think it's the combination of the natural light and the depth of field that makes it so interesting to me.
  2. I thought the film was pretty good, but I thought the cinematography was a little forced. The negative spacing was a cry for attention, in my opinion. I liked the choice to shoot in black and white as well as academy ratio. I kind of wished it was shot on actual film rather than an Alexa.
  3. The ARRISCANNER is pretty old at this point. I think it arrived in early 2004. Back then I think Arri had just launched the D-20 or maybe not. In any case, the ALEV III is used in the Alexa, which is two generations removed from the D-20. My guess is the ARRISCANNER uses the original ALEV sensor or some technology related to it.
  4. Arri does the sub-pixel shifting method of scanning. They used to have this great animated .gif picture on their website which demonstrated how the sensor would shift via the piezo actuators and perform "micro-scanning". Sadly, I can no longer find it, even by way of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Perhaps someone else saved it? EDIT: Wow! I found it! It was actually on Zeiss's website, which I conflated with Arri's. :P
  5. How did you determine TowerJazz's involvement in designing/manufacturing RED CMOS sensors?
  6. The Alexa features an ALEV III sensor. Are you sure about that model number? (Doesn't it even matter what number it is?) ON Semi manufacturers the Alexa sensor. I read about it a while back but I can't find the link anymore.
  7. You might be able to use the 250D if you're dealing with a lot of natural sunlight falling through windows while shooting indoors.
  8. Any chance we'll see a VISION4 stock in the next couple of years? Or has the boat sailed on that?
  9. The color science seems improved, though still not quite right to the eye. The recent shot that was really impressive was the girl riding down in the elevator and maintaining the detail during the transition from above ground to underground.
  10. Please share it with the rest of us then. DISCLAIMER: Having not seen the post in question, the following rant may be out of context. :rolleyes: Honestly, I just got sick of Jannard's whingy attitude, always playing the underdog card. The rebel attitude was fine when they wanted to make a splash and grow rapidly. However, at this point in the game they should have matured, been more professional and treat forum users more courteously. You get banned for innocous comments nowadays. If Jannard is really tired of how things are playing out in the REDuser community, he should look in the mirror for the person to blame.
  11. Sadly, with most things Red, you do have to take it with a grain of salt. I read the same statement: they claim that the sharpest 35mm stock only resolves to 3.2K. The problem, however, is not so much the statement, but rather, the lack of any evidence or empirical data. They never stated what stock was used, what telecine/data scanner was used to scan it and what lenses were used on the camera body. I'd like to believe what Red has said is true, but that's not possible.
  12. Well Jannard has proclaimed that the Dragon sensor excels over 65mm scanned at 4K (shouldn't it be scanned at 8K or higher?).
  13. Of the high speed footage, the dog track looked the most remarkable and clean.
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