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  1. Ok so this got me interested, I cant sleep at the moment, so here's what I found: First, here is another thread on the topic, not sure if there is anything useful there but I've read it in the past, you've probably seen it. http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=4849 Here is a shot from the Graduate, scroll down. https://cinemashock.org/2012/03/08/telephoto-lens-in-the-graduate/ Some epic shots in Lawrence of Arabia, they used a lot of teles in the desert i believe. https://greg-neville.com/2012/09/28/composing-lawrence-of-arabia/ Some interesting stuff about Kurosawa films, he used some extreme tele anamorphics, (or maybe not...) http://wolfcrow.com/blog/did-he-really-use-telephoto-lenses-a-study-of-the-lenses-used-by-akira-kurosawa/ An idea, go through this list, find some extreme lenses used in some films, and see if you can find the frames within the films: https://shotonwhat.com/browse-index/lenses at quick glance I saw that Fury used a 1000mm panavision lens, have no idea for what shot, but It would be cool to identify it. Good luck!
  2. Hello! Does anyone have any experience with Schneider vs Tiffen diopters (series 9 in my case)? The price seems to be the about the same, but Im wondering if there is any difference in quality? or any other differences? Thanks!
  3. Has anybody tried this lens? Seems like a good cheap alternative to other cine-macros. Cant seem to find any footage or reviews. http://www.tokinacinema.com/100mmMacro.html
  4. Yeah, the regulator from the original adapter is still in there. Dont know about 24v though.. Yeah there are a lot of adapters with the cable attached, but I couldnt find one with inputs. The plan is to just habe it in there at all times, as if there was an power input on the monitor (that it should have had to begin with)
  5. Hello everybody! Just wanters to share this project Ive had Im my head for a while but finally came around doing today. I've installed a 2-pin lemo on what used to be a Zacuto D-tap -> LP-E6 battery adapter to be able to use standard lemo-lemo or lemo-d-tap cables when using the monitor on Alexa or Red. I used the information on this page to get the polarity right: https://mediablackout.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/212529538-What-polarity-do-I-need-for-my-2-pin-Lemo-cable- The black wire goes on the red-dot input.
  6. There is a swedish rental-company selling a bunch of stuff now, among them a 535. here is the link. Contact them! http://www.dagsljus.com/used-equipment-for-sale/
  7. Yeah I thought about a wiki, but in the end decided that it would be limited in what I wanted to create. For example, if you have all the lenses in a real database you could make all sorts of lens and FOV-comparison tools, as well as a spec-search and stuff that just wouldn't be possible with a regular wiki. You could also easily expand into an App for iphone/android for example since its web-based. Just imagine something like this: you're on set and trying to decide weather to change a lens on your steadicam, you go to the app and find the weight and length, make a fast comparison to the original lens, and se the difference. Or if you're looking for lens coverage on the Dragon, pick the lenses you are interested in and see their image-circle overlaid over each other. or any other number of possible things you could do with information that is well-orginazed and purpose built. Anyway, this idea is kind of already in the making since a while back, and the database is up and running in a beta with over 400 lenses already. I just need help with the heaps and heaps of information needed to fill it! Phil, thanks. Would you be interested in writing something about it? maybe taking a couple of photos?
  8. Hello everybody! Im working on a website that has the ambition to become the definite resource of all cinema lenses. With complete info, pictures, technical data and history of every lens used for shooting. Ive come a long way but realized that I will need some help in a lot of areas. Ive reached out to a few people on the forum with great interest but I would love to hear from some more of you. I've felt for a long time that something like this is missing, and it would be so awesome to get all the known info in one place. This webiste is a community thing, and will always be free to use for everybody. What Im looking for mostly is information and expertise in any brand, series or specialty lens. Even if you just own a rare set of lenses you might be able to pitch in some close-focus distance information or something like that. So please, if you feel that this is something worth your time, reach out and we'll talk some more. There is a running beta of the site up and running I can show you! Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you!
  9. Also, the glass element is way smaller than the outer diameter of most lenses, so I think you are good for most focal lengths, but yeah 4x5.6 is safer if you are buying.
  10. I totally agree that we sometimes need perspective in the matter. Way too much emphasis is being put on equipment in general as opposed to what we do in front of the lens. The choice of focal length, angel, color, time of day, actors and scripts it always going to have a bigger impact on a project than a lens brand. But still, regardless of all that its just so much fun, for me at least. I mean, what else are we going to do with our days of than discuss lenses and cameras :D To answer the original question though, I too like the Zeiss Standards, they have a beautiful rendition and the flare is amazing on some of the lenses, there is something magic about them wide open. My experience with the Cookes is limited, but I do have a problem with the star-shaped bokeh. Its something thats not that subtle in my eyes and it feels very distracting to me. I've always wondered why Cooke didn't make an alternative set with round aperture blades since the current blades are so very pronounced. But I have seen it work as well, so again, its all about the project. For the cleaner look prefer to shoot with the Schneiders over Ultras, cant say why exactly but they look nicer to me for some reason. Maybe its one of those unmeasurable things, but I feel that they have more of a "3d-pop" compared to the Ultras. Never shot with the Masters though.
  11. Awesome, thanks for clearing that up Dom. Appreciate it!
  12. Is it possible to have extension tubes on anamorphic lenses, for the purpose of focusing closer? How does it effect the optics (beside the usual loosing infinity focus and such), and is there a difference between having it on a lens with rear-anamorphic element or one with front-anamorphic element? Also, is it better to use diopters in this case? or are the pros/cons the same as on spherical lenses? Thanks!
  13. Duclos lenses makes one. Search for duclos anamorphic adapter.
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