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  1. Hello, We are currently selling the GL Optics Sigma Cine 50-100mm T2 Lens (PL Mount). This lens has a bright constant maximum aperture offers consistent low-light performance throughout the zoom range. This is the EXACT same lens used to shoot the official GL Optics promotional tests so the glass was hand picked from the very best Sigma glass batch. Below image is the actual lens: See the tests here: https://vimeo.com/178295962 https://vimeo.com/178428360 You can send us a DM on here or buy through eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/153508622766
  2. Hi Maciej, Yes we can sell you just the CCU-1. Where are you based? Send us a private message with your email address and we can set up the sale. Thank you!
  3. must be able to run 26 or 28V like anton bauer vclx please send pm
  4. Selling ARRICAM ST 1000' Heater Barney in perfect condition. Used to reduce the sound of the camera in quiet dialogue scenes and for protecting from weather. The barney protects against rain, snow and overall bad weather. There are tiny pockets inside where you can put hand warmers. Can be shipped anywhere around the world or picked up in Los Angeles, California Price: $500 OBO Send a PM for more info.
  5. Hello A friend of mine is selling the following mags for ARRI BL 1,2,3,4: 3 x 1000' ARRI BL magazines 2 x 400' ARRI BL mags All in excellent condition. + selling 1 x Cinematography Electronics Film/Video Synchronizing Control Box like this one: https://cinemaelec.com/products/filmvideo_synchronizing_control Can be picked up in LA or shipped, send me a private message
  6. looking for ac power supply for 35mm film camera 3 pin XLR, best if it works with both 24v and 28v cameras. thanks.
  7. To all DP's: This is NOT the end of the world. I can't count the amount of cinematographers whining about this. All I hear is egos. Sorry cinematographers are not the center of the universe. There are many people and departments that make a movie come to life and some only get their moment of fame and recognition during the Oscars. Cinematographers have camera image, asc awards and a big following of press and fans around the world. Just because cinematography nominees is not broadcasted live at the Oscars ONCE does not mean it's not an important craft.
  8. Hello I am looking for a PL-mount director's viewfinder. Kirsch is preferred but other models are also considered. Send me a PM. Looking to buy ASAP. Thank you so much.
  9. For Sale: ARRI 535 35mm anamorphic film camera The camera comes with the very rare Anamorphic viewfinder, accessories, cables and magazines. The original price for this camera in 2004 is $196,000. See eBay listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/153235897413 Selling price is $6,997 or Best Offer UNIQUE FEATURES OF THE ARRI 535Anamorphic Viewfinder. Easy to switch between Spherical and Anamorphic. Silent Sound Sync camera (under 24 db). In-camera ARRI Glow for 9 formats (there is no need to physically change the glow mask. It can be done easily in-camera using the CCU-1). Electronic shutter. The camera uses an electronic shutter and can be programmed to ramp up or down. Speed ramping from 3fps to 50fps with individual steps of 0.001 frame. The exposure will stay constant as it is being compensated for by the electronic shutter. Shutter ramping from 11 to 180 degrees. Ramping can be programmed or changed during the shot. Beam splitter: Options are 10/90, 90/10 or 50/50. The 535 is the only ARRI camera that offers a 50/50 beam splitter. SMPTE Timecode and ARRI time code system (timecode module is included in this auction). Swingover Viewfinder System and In-Camera Contrast Filter CAMERA TESTS The camera is FULLY tested and has been used to shoot several 35mm projects this year. The camera is currently set up with a 4-perf Universal (Full Aperture) gate. ARRI 535 FOR SALE - CAMERA RUNNING AT 24FPS - YOUTUBE VIDEO WILL OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW ARRI 535 FOR SALE - MIRROR. CAMERA RUNNING AT 24FPS - YOUTUBE VIDEO WILL OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW ACCESSORIES LIST ARRI 535 Camera Body w/Video Optic Module VOM-2 2 x 1000 ft / 300m ARRI ARRI M-10 co-axial magazines (K2.42529.0) 8099, 8069 ARRI CCD2-FR Video Assist ARRI FE-1 Viewfinder Extension ARRI 535 CCU-1 Computer Control Unit ARRI 535 SCU-1 Shutter Control Unit ARRI 535 VSU-3 Variable Shutter Unit ARRI 535 SMPTE Time Code Module (K2.44274.0) ARRI 535 CCU Cable ARRI 535 Fischer 103 to Fischer Cable for VOM-2 ARRI 535 PL Port Cap ARRI 535 Flight Case For US & North American buyers, we can provide the NTSC version of the CCD-2 FR video assist at no additional charge. In addition to what is included in this auction, we also offer more 1000 ft co-axial magazines (up to 10), 400 ft / 120m Steadicam magazines, spare cables, CEI video assist plate, spare video assist and gate masks.
  10. Please message me if you have a set for sale
  11. If anyone is selling a used 235 4perf please send a private message thanks
  12. Would you prefer a film print or Dolby Cinema? I have not seen the film yet
  13. Beside from the underexposed scenes what did you think of the quality in Dolby Cinema?
  14. Hello I am shooting with 35mm film equipment near salt water and around the beach I am very worried about any damage to the equipment What's a good way to fully protect the camera and lenses from any corrosion, sand and salt water damage?
  15. anyone sell their 535 accessories in USA? looking for 400 foot magazines and other accessories. contact me
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