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  1. $425 with FREE SHIPPING just because I am putting all my stuff in storage.Your last chance to get it. Really.If interested, drop me an email.eastco@gmail.com---
  2. $450 my last offer.First one, first served.It's an incredible offer, it's basically brand new. You don't pay sales tax, either.eastco@gmail.com
  3. Still for sale!Some people have asked for pictures.The item - BOTH the unit itself (BLACKMAGIC ULTRASTUDIO HD MINI) and the Blackmagic Design Mini Smart Panel are basically BRAND NEW.In spotless, excellent, no marks condition. Barely used if at all.Pictures below: Thank you!
  4. Hi! I am selling a: BLACKMAGIC ULTRASTUDIO HD MINI WITH FRONT PANEL INSTALLED It is in EXCELLENT, LIKE NEW CONDITION. I only used it literally for two days on a feature film in Europe, monitoring color-corrected dailies. Only used in a small, personal editing setup. It has not seen any work outside of that - it is like buying a new one. I installed a brand new Blackmagic Design Mini Smart Panel to it - this shows the video image, it displays audio channels, it has buttons and a knob in front, etc etc I know everyone knows the fantastic quality of this product but here is more info: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/ultrastudio/techspecs/W-DLUS-10 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1137309-REG/blackmagic_design_convntrm_ya_smtpn_teranex_mini_smart.html The price I paid was $495 + $85 plus tax $51.47 = $631.48 I can sell for $500, no taxes, and free shipping within the US. Let me know if you are interested - first come, first served. Again, BASICALLY BRAND NEW. eastco@gmail.com Thank you!
  5. Hi! This is a complete set of CANON K35 LENS CASINGS. 18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 55mm and 85mm. I have TWO identical sets. This is one of them. No optics or glass inside. Just the complete original housings, all mechanical parts. The empty shells from the original housings at the time of manufacture. This is PERFECT if you already have a set of Canon K35 lenses and are looking to have a separate set of complete parts for the future. Parts for Canon K35 lenses are obviously impossible to come across, so this is your opportunity to have a full set of spare parts for your unique K35 set. They come complete with front and rear caps, both iris and focus rings, and the PL mounts! The PL mounts themselves were $1,250 a piece. They can also be reused for any prject you might have. The cheapest price you can find. $3,000 Thanks for looking! eastco@gmail.com
  6. This Canon Optex 14MM PL Mount has been SOLD! I still have the matching CANON OPTEX 135MM IN PL MOUNT for sale here, in my other thread: Also covering FULL FRAME / VISTAVISION. Thank you!
  7. This CINEGRAIN collection has been SOLD! I still have two fantastic items for sale on other threads if interested: - Canon Optex 14mm T2.8 Full Frame / VistaVision PL Mount Lens - Canon Optex 135mm T2.0 Full Frame / VistaVision PL Mount Lens Thank you so much! George eastco@gmail.com
  8. Bump! This collection is still priced at $999 by Cinegrain. Mine is like new. And everything comes on its original drive, in its original package, with original cable. Get it here LIKE NEW for only $400, no sales tax etc Thank you for looking, appreciate it.
  9. I was away for a while, apologies to all for my slightly delayed replies. I am attaching a few pictures of the lens! In great mechanical and optical condition! Thanks for looking.
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