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  1. I work mainly as 1 AC. I had several times a hard time explaining to production on short commercial shoots (1-2 days) why I need a day in the rental house to prepare and check all of the camera gear including lenses, monitor, backups for sometime a A & B cam shoot. It's like they don't imagin the whole bunch of cables and accessories needed to make it smoothly trought the day and imagine rental house has already donne all the checks. But generaly after a small explanation, they agree it's safer and accept it. But often, they don't include it in the initial budget, so it's something they discover.
  2. I took a look at the 18-35 sigma t1,8 in a sellers shop, it's a really beautifull glass, but no manual iris and the focus ring runs whithout end all around. The adaptors from mft to nikon have a ring that able to adjust manualy the iris, same for metabone SB. For what i know, there is no active mft to active nikon adaptor
  3. I forgot to mention the 12mm f1.6 slr magic lens and the c-mount ps technik serie.
  4. Hi. I've also bought the pocket for my low-budget shootings. Indeed, zeiss superspeed, or illumina serie are the very best option, has will be any S16mm lens. Some lenses from 16mm arri standard, kinoptik, cooke are ok to be used, but first; do tests. For other (cheapest) option, you got to pick a solution from the several proposed, metabones released a speedbooster specialy made for bmpc, adapting nikon lenses. Combining whit the sigma 18-35 t1,8 or Tokina 11-16 t2,8 is a good way to have modern lens (but still photo lens). C-mount... if using those old lenses prepare yourself to vignet, soft (or softer) image, loss of resolution and luminosity to the edges and quiet impossible to adapt any kind of follow focus.Still, there are some descent lenses out there, but finding the right one is quiet a chalenge. The cosmicar 6,5mm, kowa 6mm are know to be ok wide-angles on the bmpc. I've got a 13mm Som Berthiot and a switar 16mm that have no problems. Take a look at this page: http://www.pekelharing.com/lens-tests/ you can find really plenty of tests on youtube and vimeo from all kind of GH3 and blackmagic users.
  5. hi check the ff dv format from arri, chrosziel, cavision, alfatron, other mono-rod ff. They're all smaller then arri FF3,4, may fit or have a arm-extension that will do the job. http://provideocoalition.com/freshdv/story/freshdv_reviews_arri_mff1_ff4_follow_focus http://www.emit.fr/fr/location/30.html http://www.cavision.com/followfocus/singlewheelnew.htm http://www.alphatron.tv/ProPull/follow-focus-15mm-rod-support.html
  6. Hi, I see it's a very old conversation, but may be re-activated... I would like to compare some sets of lenses and would like your opinion on what do you consider to be potentially meningfull to describe a lens and also how to clasified that for it's performance. When testing a lens, we may consider global quality image impression, sharpness, internal difraction, flair and ghost aspect, brightnes, quality of the optical correction of some aberations, etc. What are your personal feelings to those parameters when chosing a set of lens for a type of cinematografic project and camera? Thanks. R.K
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