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  1. Thanks for the tip John! I searched throughout the internet and and found out that Mole-Richardson (England) Ltd: - had some patents ( http://documents.allpatents.com/d/g/Mole-Richardson-England-Ltd ) - had branch companies in Paris, Rome, Madrid and Munich where they were selling and renting gear ( http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/images/7/7d/Mole-Richardson_1958SL.jpg ) - was a subsiriady of George Humphries & Co. Ltd (later Humphries Holdings PLC) which was then acquired by Lee International in 1985 Apparently National Media Museum in Bradford, UK has one Type 398 in their Kodak Colletion. I'm contacting their research dept. for more info. ( http://collection.sciencemuseum.org.uk/objects/co205629/mole-richardson-floodlamp-type-398 ) Most interesting thing is that Mole-Richardson (England) Limited had nothing to do with the Mole-Richardson in the Hollywood. Somehow would've thought there was some sort of connection.
  2. Thanks for the tip JD! I looked him up and will contact him. The customer service person from Mole informed that they didn't manufacture these - I guess that's why they aren't Mole Maroon.
  3. Seems like someone else has been looking for the company info as well: https://www.controlbooth.com/threads/mole-richardson-england-type-599-info.38889/
  4. I bought a few vintage lights some years ago from the Finnish public broadcasting company YLE and restored them. Now I started wondering what year these fixtures were introduced/manufactured and contacted Mole-Richardson Co. in CA but their customer service informed me that they had nothing to do with these lights. A little bit of googling didn't really help me out and couldn't find information about the "Mole-Richardson (England) Ltd." Does somebody know the history of the company Mole-Richardson (England) Ltd.? Or even better, does someone have any trivia about these Type 398 and Type 598 lights by the Mole-Richardson (England) Ltd.? Pretty vague questions but the history of the industry is always fascinating. Best, Tuomas 'Nopsa' Viitakoski
  5. Looking for/want to buy: Zeiss "Super Speed" / "High Speed" Distagon 1,2/25mm MkII Please contact me with a private message and kindly provide your email address for further correspondence. If you are not sure which series lens you have (MkI, MkII, MkIII) do not hesitate to contact. You can also check from the list below; manufacturer: Zeiss type: Distagon series: MkII (not marked) focal length: 25mm aperture: f1.2 / T1.3 - 16 coverage: Super 35mm mount: PL iris: 7-blade (not 9-blade triangular) focus: both metric and feet markings, ~350° focus throw Kind regards, Tuomas Viitakoski
  6. Tjäna Simon, SXU-1 is not compatible with the LDS, so you need to have a WCU-4 and a receiver (Alexa Plus, UMC-4) as well. CLM-4 motors are not the strongest ones but have a decent torque (can be adjusted from settings). Depending on how old and worn they are - some of the HS lenses, like 18mm for example, may get stiff when there's a clip-on attached. So if you experience any trouble you may have to change it to rod mounted MB. Good luck! -Tuomas
  7. Tjäna Haris, It's been a while you posted this but the main differences between the versions are in the mechanical design and coatings. Here's some observations I've made about Super Speeds - or High Speeds (depending who you ask from): MKI / ARRIFLEX Zeiss Opton T1.4-T11 - with ARRI bayonet, can be adapted to PL-mount with a proper adapter - less iris blades resulting in very noticeable triangular bokeh - no standard 0.8 pitch gears on iris or focus (usually retrofitted) - both metric and imperial markings MK2 / ARRIFLEX Zeiss T1.3-T16 - new mechanical design - PL-mount - more iris blades resulting in more conventional roundish bokeh - factory-installed 0.8mm pitch gears on both iris and focus - both metric and imperial markings - improved lens coatings - found in ARRI LDA MK3 / ARRIFLEX Zeiss T1.3-T16 - new mechanical design - PL-mount - iris blades resulting in more conventional roundish bokeh - factory-installed 0.8mm pitch gears on both iris and focus - either metric or imperial markings - improved lens coatings - found in ARRI LDA I was going to add that you should contact your local rental house e.g. Ljud & Bildmedia for further information but according to your instagram feed you've done it already :) https://instagram.com/p/3gkxu_LNIc/ What were the results in your testing? Tuomas
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