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  1. i have 4000 feet of the older f series fuji 250 stock,,i think it is tungston.the f250 was made in late 80s??90s??but these cans are perfect and sealed,,they look new,and 4000 feet is a waste to waste.so,can anyone tell me if they have shot on this film and what results and what camera info and exposure info should i know about,?cant find any videos on it either.also,,has anyone used the lomo or g3 morse 16mm film home developers?the lomo sems to get good results in developing 16mm. thnx
  2. i have a cp16r that we are going to use with 15,000 feet of 16mm film stock to shoot our film.the cp16r has a angnx zoom 12x120,but i have seen in photos a nikkor to cp16 adapter,,i have never seen on for sale,,white house had a gzmo nikkor adapter but they say it only works with gzmo,i would love to buy or rent this adapter to use nikon lenses on the cp16r,,i have looked at the huuuge selections of lens adapters that have popped up for digital cameras like micro 4/3s.but,,,,,,not one company has made a adapter for the cp16r,,there is even a nikkor prototype if they needed one of this adapter but nooo,,,,even when the cp16r is still being used by indie film makers because of it sound qualities and toughness and still many parts for this camera dispite the cp16r lens mount not being the most popular or the few lenses that fit it.so,,why has not one company made an adapter for this camera mount???if anyone has a nikkor adapter for cp16r to rent or sell,,we would love to rent it or buy from you for our upcoming film shoot,,and maybe we could look into manufacture of the adapter for retail.it shouldnt be that hard a prospect and maybe make some money on a adapter for the cp16rs that are still being used to shoot short and feature 16mm films. thnx, s.
  3. wow,,great info on this film,,i purchased 8000 ft of kodak 7244 film and want to shoot our desert scenes with it,thnx for info of using double wratten 85s.that was very helpfull.i love this site for information.ill post our tests on this film...these types of kodak film are being sold on ebay for 150 at 4000 feet.if i can manage to pull out a flat color image i can telecine and color grade in post edit,that would make me a happy film director.great information gentlemen.
  4. i also came accross 4000 feet of color exr 7244 kodak stock.it is a shame to let all that new film go to waste,,im willing to shoot with it also in my cp16r 16mm.kodak told me it is indeed around 5 EI and shoot in lots of day light with a 85 wratten or double the filter in camera.it is a very contrasty film when shot out of camera.so,alot of post proceesing will have to be done and maybe just go black and whte with it.maybe good for tersting to find out what best type of lighting,i would use bright day light and artificial lighting on subjects.needs lot of lighting.maybe it will come out ok and flat color in post to work with.ill post when im done testing this film in 1 weeks or so.
  5. i think there is a cp16r adapter made by cinema products,,it is a adapter mount the fits over another lens with the cp16r bayonet pins on outside,,i seen on for an auction on ebay for the whole camera kit,,but he would not sell me only adapter,,it had cp logo on it and made by cinema products,,,so they did make a special adapter for there cp16r camera,,but maybe sooo very hard to find now,,,i wish i could find one,,,i was wondering if a b4 mount would fit the cp16r mount??the angenouix lens is ok but not the sharpest on corners,,nikon adapter i only seen 1 in my life and that was photo,,,too bad,,the cp16 is sooo quiet,,great for sound filming,,,
  6. hey,,i have a cp16r,,i was looking at the bolex bayonet adapter in c mount,,i was wondering the size of the bolex bayonet that i think would fit into my cp16r mount,,?if it fit i could turn the ring and clamp the bayo into the cp mount,,that would be soooo great if it worked,,i could use c mount and maybe m42 in my cp16r,,,so,,i was just wondering if anyone had the size of the bolex bayo mount,,,,worth a shot.????
  7. that guy michael dropped of radar,,,i had to fix my own cp board,,it was corroded by the battery,,luckily it was able to fix when i scraped the green off it,,washed it down,,sand papered it smoooth,,and put new belts on,,,now it runs like a champ,,but i may need to sell my cp16r,angenioux lens,12x120,,2 mags,ac battery,,anyone interested??seen one on ebay with a video tap for 900 but to much for me.these cp are soooo quiet,,not a peeep out of em when filming,,,you still shooting with your cp jane,???
  8. hi,,what advice does anyone know about films in certain weather,,??like kodak 250D in daylight with clear sky??or cloudy sky??overcast?night??what film stock would cover these times of day and brightness of day?that would be great if someone would post a list of film stock to daylight features.also,,im going to try to shoot on kodak intermediate film,,i have 4000 feet of this film,i know its not for capture,,but,,kodak says it can be done,,also,,4000 feet of kodak print stock,,,also,,fuji f series 200 outdated film..well,,,there all out dated film,,but got it for cheap to free,,,10,000 feet of these film stocks,,,might as well try them out.16mm 2 perf color film stocks.anyone have any onfo i can use with these stocks and daylight exposures.???
  9. yes,,7386 print film,kodak,,does anyone know how to expose for this stock in capture?im planning on shooting with this type of film.it has a low EI of maybe 6 to 8,so huge amount of light will be needed indoor and direct sunlight plus a strong lighting source.i was also wondering wirth a flat color image of this stock,,would i be able to post process in computer editing bring back the color in grading post edit.?i have 16000 feet of print,7386 and intermediate7244 kodak.would like some help in this before i shoot some experimental shots.
  10. hello,,i have a cp16r i want to shoot a short with,,it has the angenioux 12x120.but..at full focal range,,the corners of frame come into view,i have to back out to make the frame square but that is 35mm range,there is one on ebay with the video tap going for 900,,on oct 23rd,2013.that would be a nice set up with the ttap.so,,,if anyone has the manual in pdf,,i would love to have it.the other pdf on line are taken off.just got 10,000 feet of neg and fodak intermediate stock to film with,,the intermediate kodak says can be used as capture film but i have to experiment as its EI of 6,,,so daylight and bright lights is needed.sure would like to get it modded to super6,or film carefull in viewfinder for 16x9.but it is quiet when filming,,thats overlooked,,i cant hear it at all unless next to it.wish i had a lens adapter for arri or the ultra primes by cinema products on ebay for 1 grand.whitehouse is the only place to get parts for the cp16r left.,,,,,,,,,,,,
  11. i have come into 8000 feet of color intermediate and print kodak films,,7385,,7386 and 7244intermediate,,,i was wondering if anyone has shot on these films in capture???and how well did they shoot??8000 feet new film is a lot to waste,,so im going to test and shoot a short film with it and telecine to digital and color grade in post. has anyone ever shot in color print or intermediate films???
  12. new cp16r battery blocks are running at around 250$ to 300$,,so i would give it a shot at recell,,,i may do it myself when mine run dead,,,but they seem still strong,,,,but would like more info on recelling these ni cads,,,,
  13. i was wondering if anyone who is shooting with a cp16r,,if they have ever used intermediate kodak 16mm film with the camera??or kodak print film as a capture film???i talked to a kodak rep and she said there have been many cinematographers who have used kodak7385,7244 intermediate and print film to film there movie..i was wondering if anyone has info on this who have shot with either of these films and how they developed and processed,,even how they telecined to final print,,??is the color good??what filters did you use??did you film at night??let me know how the film came out,,,thnx,,,
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