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  1. Buyer fell through. Listing again. This has to go.
  2. Selling my Alexa Studio kit with XR upgrade. The motion cadence is fluid like 35mm with the mirror shutter and cuts well with the Arricam LT/ST 35mm footage. Built in ND Filter! Pans are perfect, no artifact on strobes, camera flashes or fast pans. Not your average Alexa, these don't go for sale very often. Up to 3.2k, records to either XR drives (not included) or SxS cards (4) 64gb included. Super clean, hardly any scratches on the body. 2920Hrs. Asking $13,000 OBO Located in Vancouver BC, Canada. Call or txt 1 236 984 35 0 8 The kit includes: - Alexa Studio Optical Viewfinder OVF-1 - Anamorphic and High-speed licenses. - Arri Dovetail Plate - Viewfinder Leveler. - Viewfinder Extension Medium FE-5 - Viewfinder Extension Medium FE-3 - ARRI Heated Eyecup HE-4 - Ground Glass 4:3, Spherical - Ground Glass 16:9, Spherical - Frameglow Mask 4:3 and 16:9 Spherical - Ground Glass 4:3, Anamorphic 2x - Frameglow Mask 4:3, Anamorphic 2x - Ground Glass Tool - Alexa Studio VF Port Cover - Alexa Studio Electronic Viewfinder Adapter, EVA-1 (for attaching Arri’s EVF-1 if you need to) - ARRI Bridge Plate BP-8 - Alexa Center Camera Handle, CCH-1 - Alexa Handle Extension Block, HEB-2 - Native Gold Mount Plate - V-Mount Battery Pate Adapter - Shoulder Pad - AC Power Supply - 5pin XLR Audio Splitter Cable - 4x SxS Pro Cards - Sonnet SXS Reader Thunderbolt - Rods 19mm - ATA Custom Flight Case - Allen Wrenches. Arri SMB-2 Matte-box kit available separately if needed. Included Parts: Sample:
  3. I have a few of these. How much do they go for these days?
  4. I don't think that would work in the Alexa. https://forum.arri.com/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=147
  5. 3 or 4 perf? Might be interested. Robin Leveille 1.236.984.3508 Director of Photography // Vancouver // Toronto www.robin-leveille.com
  6. You're absolutely right and with that I did another test that came out perfect. THANKS!!
  7. This video is nothing more than a montage of 16mm short ends (daylight loaded) I shot to setup my lightmeter for the Bolex prism ⅔ adapt for light loss compensation. The speed motor of the EBM held it's sync all the way through the day and night in -24℃. -2/3 on the meter is perfect for this camera. The night shots were a little underexposed but all I had was a 1.6. film was scanned with Spirit HD and deliverables were Quicktime uncompressed 8bit. The stocks I used were Kodak's 50D and 500T.
  8. Vision Globale :) they do 2K They scanned for the film "Starbuck" clean tranfers!!
  9. I did for the Canon but the switar preset is already designed with the prism in mind. I think it was a bad use of the stupid app. I tested a sekonic next to the iphone app and its all wrong.
  10. Thanks guys. I'm really happy the camera works. I had to push the blacks a little in post. I used the iphone app called pocket lightmeter to figure out my exposure.. bad idea. it's really not accurate. I'll do another test with a Sekonic next week. Nicholas that film is lovely! I don't think they sell double perf 50D anymore. I could only find single perforated. I shot at 24ps and the slowmotion a 50fps. the EBM doesnt offer 48 or 60 unfortunately. maybe Fuji still has double. not sure though. -Robin.
  11. I bought a Bolex EBM a couple months ago without a lens or battery. I got a battery and switch made by Du-All Camera, a Bolex bayonet to canon FD mount by JK camera and I bought a Bayonet to c-mount adapter on ebay. For glass I got a canon FD 24mm 2.8 and a switar 10mm 1.6 preset. Finally went ahead and put some kodak 50D through it last week and sent the film off to technicolor. enjoy. http://vimeo.com/31978176 Robin Leveille
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