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  1. Adrian that honestly sounds perfect! If you provide the film I'll buy the brewskis. I would be remise if I didn't take you up on this offer once I get out to LA. I'll keep in touch for sure. - Chase
  2. I'm studying cinematography at an arts conservatory on the East coast. I'll be out in LA after I graduate this year.
  3. If you're looking in the United States it might be worth checking out the University of North Carolina School of the Arts School of Filmmaking. One of the strongest cinematography programs I have come across, although it's quite competitive to be accepted into the discipline.
  4. Cut it down would be my suggestion. No reel really needs to be three and a half minutes long. I'd say you can probably say what you need to say in about one and a half minutes. Also, the subtitles are interesting but they might distract from the images. I have to say I read them and made me extremely curious about the project with the girl in the crib but I can't say I was paying as much attention to the cinematography at that point. Just my opinion take it how you may.
  5. Hell yeah! I loved the song choice and the editing. You have a very interesting and clear style and I loved how your reel had a flow that emphasized that. Really powerful images with tremendous amounts of story behind them. I want to see more!
  6. Wow that was a fantastic reel! Really powerful images and movement. My only question is did you get the rights to the Alex Clare song? I'm looking into using a copy-written song in my reel to try and get professional work. I know I could probably get away without authorization but I'd feel more confortable if I had the band's permission.
  7. Hey Mark, You've got some really great material to work with but my opinion would be to try to cut down the time and hit them with your best stuff first. Personally I feel that if you start off strong you get people interested and they're wanting to watch more. Also if you cut down the run time you leave them hanging a bit. You don't need to show them everything. I would try to keep the entire video under two minutes if possible. Some of the best reels I've ever watched were less than a minute long because they made me want to find out what else they did. Best regards, Chase
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