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  1. Thanks James. I didn't realise the FTO could organise attachments. I have been sending out emails and resumes' galore for the past little while. Sadly Steve has now retired (from the industry anyway) and I do not want to seem like i am stretching the friendship with Danny for asking for more attachment work. I will take your advise and contact the NSW FTO. I am also joining the ACS so they should also provide some news/contact info and i will keep sending out emails to DOP's producers and production companies. Cheers Jake Iesu
  2. I too am looking for attachment work in the camera Dept. I have been an operator for a regional production house for 18 months and before that i attained my diploma in Screen. Looking for attachment or 2nd AC for feature, TVC or TV Drama production would be my preference. I have recently been working with Danny Ruhlmann ACS, and spent three years at film school under my mentor Stephen Dobson ACS. Any opportunity in NSW Australia would be greatly appreciated. Regards Jake Iesu jiesu@internode.on.net ps. Sorry for Hijacking your thread Matt, I thought it might be better to share a thread rather then spawning a flury of threads cluttering the Forums.
  3. Anyone seen this film yet? http://www.cinematographerstyle.com/# QUOTE "Cinematographer Style is about the art of how and why films look the way they do. It is about the influence of style, technique and technology-the art and craft of filmmaking. Cinematographer Style is a feature documentary exploring the nuances of the universal art of visual story-telling. Director Jon Fauer, ASC visited with 110 cinematographers from 15 countries, who have worked in all sectors of the industry, including feature films, television, documentaries, commercials and music videos. Shot on 35mm film, the interviews were edited down to a 90-minute story" looks very interesting ive been looking for a place to buy it in Australia but i cant find it. It seems that people on PAL miss out on this one.
  4. I really enjoy some of Darius Khondji's work mainly the beach, Delicatessen and Se7en. Janusz Kaminski's Saving private Ryan and Shindler's list. Christopher Doyle did a great job with Hero I also really like Deon Beebe and of course i can't exclude Conrad Hall i really started to appreciate his work after seing American Beauty. American beauty was a very powerful film for me i think that is what really got me interested in cinema in the first place. and while im at it some of those guys that work with David Attenbrough do amazing work also, i was blown away when i was watching a segment on ants on one of his doco's.
  5. Maybe you dont trust your eyes? Michael Collier has got the idea zoom to focus then pull back to your desired frame Ive never shot on film myself only on digital and have never measured focus. On digital cameras particularly cheaper ones i trust my eyes more then i would trust the markings anyway. have a little faith and go by eye. Ive never had a soft shot using this technique. The only time my shots are soft is when im using one of those Horrible sony pd-170 focus rings and i cant find out which way i have to turn the thing to get my focus back it just keeps turning and turning damn useless thing if you ask me
  6. Canada Australia and the Uk as far as im Aware have a nice deal going on between each other where you can get a wokring visa for 12 months i believe my cousin has come over from Canada to AUs on a 12 months working Visa and we also met alot in our travels around Aus that were doing the same thing. I think you have to be under 27 to be elidgable it would be worth looking into Canada is a great place im lucky enough to have dual citizenship. Try Talking to a canadian embassy if their is one close to you or im sure you could find more info somewhere on the net. I also hear Vancouver has quite a large film industry so your heading to the right spot. good luck and happy new year.
  7. Hello all Wow long time since ive been on these forums Anyways in my current job i have been accumulating anual leave so that i can take time off to work on a feature in late March or April 07 some time as an Attatchment or something similar. Basically i have been working as a TVC cameraman in a regional production house in NSW Australia of late and after spending three years at film school i am looking for a new experience and a different pace and style of work. I tried a number of times to get a placement on a few features while i was in film school but due to Insurance Issues i wasn't able to get a placement within any of the camera departments i applied for and i thought that it should be easier now that i have been working as a camera op for close to a year. What i am looking for is an accomplished and experianced DP that i can learn from and work under for around 3 weeks while i can get the time off from work in March- April next year. Peferably on a feature but im more then keen to work on any larger scale size production. I am more then happy to work for nothing i do it because i am in love with the job. My current employment is great but the smale scale of the productions and the very minimilistic pre production is not what i want to do in my future and i have been hanging to get on the set of a feature since i first fell in love with film making. If your in NSW or Queensland all the better for me i have transportation so it wont be a problem. Thanks for your time Cheers
  8. WOW. I hope you dont mind that im using some of your stills as my background on my PC. There is something about your cinematography that just draws me in. I cant stop looking at the beauty shots in particular. All i can say is WOW. Can't look at the films yet because im at work but looking forward to checking them out at home. Im very impressed mate. 1 question.. The girl in the subway or train staion tunnel or whatever. What did you use to get that green is it a tobaaco filter on the lens or some other filter? Or is that a white balance? Very Nice work. Have you done any features i would very much like to watch them if you have.
  9. Yeah very nice work what was your budget for this if you dont mind me asking? I like the blowout you used in the top of frame for alot of the shots. The commercial link says this. "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request."
  10. What A fantastic idea! i can't Believe no one has thought of this earlier. I dont think a hell of alot of the pool table lighting i think it is a little over done. But the designers i like alot. No offence to the Cinematography. Just personal opinion. 10 points for the Concept though its fantastic. In regards to this topic i dont think there is ever a "RIGHT" or "WRONG" time to use a certain light. Well obviously if your lighting a golf course on wide in the middle of the night a Kino is not a wise idea. Basically what im trying to say is every lighting situation is different and the mise en scene or look of the scene is always different. Reading some books like the ones mentioned above is a great way to learn. Each of those lights has a specific purpose and each has different qualities. Some softer some harder some brighter. I imagine if you gave 10 cinematographers only the lights you mentioned and the same scene and sent them away you would get 10 different lighting set ups. It all depends on the way you light yourself. But you should most definetly do some reading..Very good way to get a grasp on lighting.. Lighting is a very hard thing to learn and in my oppinion impossible to master. Hope this shed some Light on the subject.
  11. The only shot mentioned that i cant stand is the run and jump from explosion shot. All the other shots that are mentioned i can tolerate except maybe the stare at each other and scream thing. I think you can use any of these shots in their own context effectivly without it looking cliche.
  12. If someone said to you that they are a film-maker would you then believe they were involved with the creation of the medium? Update: Last week we bought a copy of combustion. The premeire of NSW also came up to open the building that we have been in for the last two years┬┐ (the building opened in 1929 it makes no sence to me) Anyway he had a tour through the film school and he was actually a guest on a shoot that we were doing at the time. The outcome will hopefully be a nice juicy check in the mail to help build the school as the regional AFTVRS so depending on the amount that we get (if we get any im being optimistic) we will hopefully be buying a few film cameras. So their is still hope in the near future.
  13. I find to make the soft focus i tend to do it in post using filters and colour correction but to do that you really need to exposure your footage say 1 stop higher then you normally would. Im surprised how much after it has been tweaked in post video can resemble the film look.
  14. HAHAHAHA. Im a film student and all i plan for is work hahaha. I think that is a very wise choice David. As a matter of fact i will be teaching film before i start working in film. Ive been offored a job working in the school that im attending. The pay is 55$ AUS an hour starting at approx 7 hours a week which means i can put food on my plate while i build up my showreel. I think Nor Domingo to be in the film industry you really have to be Entrepreneurial you cant just sit back and let people come to you because it wont happen unless your a Conrad Hall or Andrew Lesnie ( i bet they even had to look for work most of the time) I agree with all those people who said you need to work on short films and build your reel up. Try and get into highly acclaimed film schools. I think the most important thing you have to do is let everyone who you are interviewed for work by Know how passionate you are be happy to work as an AC or 2nd AC say to them how great it would be to work on this project. and finally ask lots of questions to your DOP make him know how passionate you are. I think you will find if everyone is on your side and thinks you are a great person to work with they will help you get to your role as a DOP or whatever you want in the film industry. IF you help people then they will help you. With all that time you are being passionate, poop you might even forgot how crap being a second AC is.
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