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  1. it's just based on the cam ground glass size/distance etc. Easiest thing is get 2-3 cheap c mount lenses via amazon, test and return the incorrect ones. Between 6-10mm on cam with 1/2.3 sensor will prob get you there.
  2. Raaf nailed it. It's close to S16 without any recentering needed. The scoopic has a fixed lens & then I used the canon wide angle adapter for some shots. Was super run & gun so stayed around f4-5.6 most of the time to give myself some dof leeway, and then a couple (like that smoking shot w/ bokeh) are wide open. 500T pushed a stop is incredible when paired w/ good scan.
  3. I have a similar setup i built to use w/ my beaulieu r16. Lens depends on sensor size obv, but i'm using this Hayear 1080p cam with an 8MM lens. I bought a couple c mount lenses + some 0.5mm spacers to test and that worked best w/ my cam. Powering the video tap camera + Beaulieu + Monitor via a v mount battery, pretty cool little shoulder rig.
  4. Yea that's obviously an issue haha- personally I don't really understand setups like this anyways when they cost around 3K. That's getting close to, or equal to, the price something like an Eclair or SR but with less features. I believe the K-3 mod these guys are doing is crystal sync actually, they've posted some clips on their IG of the encoders and mention it being crystal.
  5. Feel like this project would’ve been way cooler as an open source/DIY thing- I.E. “We’ll sell you these parts for a couple hundred bucks, here’s how to modify your K-3 and have a sweet camera for under 1K”
  6. Thought I’d share some stills from a recent music video shoot. Shot on an ultra 16 modified Canon scoopic & only available light. All 500T pushed 1 stop. Not final color grade, just my quick adjustments in resolve. Higher res stills: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10LWsp72Wvi8Eu3_x4U6DvWFkVzoA1Xoe
  7. Super 16 isnt possible, ultra 16 is though. Not sure who could do it other than bernie, but you could widen the gate yourself. for crystal sync, http://www.webtfg.com/sync10.htm
  8. Duall Camera in NJ. http://www.duallcamera.com/services/index.shtml
  9. Looking for an Angenieux 9.5-57mm. Preferably c mount w/ the HEC coating but arri mount would work. If interested, I have a c mount Angenieux 17-68 with wide angle attachment I’d trade. thanks!
  10. Thanks for the tips! I guess the potential customer base interested in that kind of speedbooster is far smaller than the one using BMPCC's, haha. The arri-s zeiss stuff looks awesome. Been using the Angenieux 17-68mm + wide angle attachment for now, but def want to get a couple nice primes for situations that are less run & gun.
  11. As I’ve been searching for some new lenses for my Beaulieu R16, I discovered the Contax / Zeiss line of lenses that seems affordable & visually wonderful. I’m wondering if there’s a solution similar to the Speedbooster, (for 16mm film cameras) to reduce focal length on these 35mm lenses? I’ve seen the cheap “wide angle adapters” but they seem like garbage.
  12. Hi Phil, im in the process of building an eyepiece video tap for my Beaulieu r16. I purchased this camera: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DYV815S?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share and I’m attaching to the eyepiece using extension adapters made for telescopes. Photos are of a bolex video tap Duall camera makes that functions the same way CD00E47A-B51E-40D5-B220-0CDBBD01D90B.webp F13CCF0A-7E54-484A-910E-9C897EF58666.webp
  13. Got it, that was my initial plan. Even with the wider gear wouldn't the teeth still lose grip due to the angle shifting though?
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