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  1. Spoke to Bernie at Super16 on the phone. He told me it isn't dangerous at all. C
  2. Ill let you know for sure. Im building a 4K video tap as well, Ill let you know about that as well...
  3. Hi there, I finally have gotten my Eclair ACL kit to work, and it has been out on a handful of jobs. I love it. Thing is, I am now making a video tap for it, to try to modernize and make it an alternative to the alluring SR's, and 416's of the world. One issue though is that the repairman that made my conversion, Bernie at Super 16 Inc, made the frame lines by hand. And that's all good for myself using it privately, but it does come across as a bit unprofessional in the working world. My question is, is there anyone in the Los Angeles area that potentially could make me a custom ground glass to replace what I already have in the camera? Preferably someone that knows Aatons internals (since they are basically an Eclair). //C
  4. Would you consider parting with 1-2 french mags? C
  5. The motor itself is vibrating, creating a louder noise of the camera than intended. I managed to a temporary fix with soft side velcro put in between the body and the motor. And since my screws doesn't really seem to tighten the motor that well, I will settle for the fix for now. But future I might want ot take it off and properly velcro to stop any vibrations. C
  6. Hi there, I am finally busting out my lovely ACL for work on Saturday again, and I just want to check that everything works again. It seems I had the same issue as the great Jason Hinkle had on his motor. And I am wondering if there is a way to take off the motor, and tighten the screws? I would love to send it out to Bernie, but I have no time to do it now sadly. C
  7. 1. Would be fun to learn one more system. 2. Hoping that might be able to score a deal with a camera that NEVER goes out. I got 2500 ft of 16mm lying around that I want to shoot, and it not getting any fresher...even if they are in the fridge... C
  8. I had issues posting in the PV forum first. This one can be removed. Sorry. C
  9. Hi there, Just curious, is there any location that still have the Elaine camera for rental, and if not, for sale? I heard a lot of bad things about them, but would love to try it out. C
  10. Hi there, Just curious, is there any location that still have the Elaine camera for rental, and if not, for sale? I heard a lot of bad things about them, but would love to try it out. C
  11. Yes thank you for explaining what X-AVC is, and the difference in the encoding. I think all of us taking part in this discussion already knew this. But great job trying to prove a point. So what you are basically saying is what Stuart also confirmed. If you light it properly, it will still look great in post. But you want to alter it a lot. And then using RAW seems like you are consider it cheating? It may be complicated, but you are setting up your own boundaries here. C
  12. Ok, Stuart I'm trying to really get to a middle ground here as well. I do think that it looks great out of the camera, but I think the RAW footage gives an amazing image as well. I did say that the RAW image with a good grade looks amazing, that does not mean the other doesn't, or does it? C
  13. Very funny ;) Once you have setup a Sony they actually run pretty smooth. I have only dealt mostly with RED up here in SF but all units I have used has always had one crash per set, at least. Doesn't matter which silly name I am using. And the menu might be better designed, but touch screen...that's still idiotic. And blaming poor post-knowledge on the camera is hardly a solution Tyler. C300 looks great for some things, but a good grade, with footage from the R5 recorder, and the F5/F55 looks great. C
  14. I think Tyler is slightly right when it comes to renting it out. But still, rental houses I've been to in LA, and SF all agree that the most versatile image comes from Sony. Stuart well of course you would do your research about how to use a new camera system to learn how it works. But where the Alexa seems more to be related to film, and RED to computer, the Sony is the hybrid. I love the Sony, I think you are misunderstanding that. It's just the fact that the pipeline is a little different from the one already being there, doesn't mean it is a bad thing. It's that old dogs new trick scenario ;) C
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