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  1. Which is funny because almost every comedy released in 2017 was 2:35. I made a 2:35 screen for my living room with some foam core and paint and it's rare to have to pillar box a comedy made after 2014. Watched the Amy Schumer / Goldie Hawn comedy, "Snatched" last night... 2:35.
  2. Those aren't the same frame. The people on the right and left move in tighter. I'm really digging the use of 1:85 in contrast to everyone shooting 2:35 these days. Love the compositions in this trailer... Very Kubrick.
  3. Okay fine, but I'm talking about renting and watching a movie on my projector all at once. And usually movies I wouldn't watch more than once. iTunes looks pretty good for that. That said, I wish the rentals were at least 48 hours.
  4. Maybe it's time for me to get glasses (actually I think it is), but within the last year or so, new movies on iTunes are comparable to blu-rays on my projector. Even older movies look really good to me. A little while ago at Mr. Frisch's reco, I watched the 1990 Tony Scott movie "Revenge" on my projector on iTunes and I thought it looked terrific.
  5. Yeah, Blu-Ray used to be better than anything on my projector where the difference between it and a DVD is big, but now HD streaming has caught up with it. I'll be happy to get rid of any discs all together so my kids can't destroy their Disney movies anymore.
  6. And if you see the same guy walk past you twice... leave.
  7. Probably. I'm just curious if anyone here has tried it in like a desert scene or something.
  8. On a side note, since replacing skies is so easy now, have any of you tried shooting traditional day for night, then replacing the sky with stars and the moon? I'm curious if that would work or look too weird.
  9. If you're not replicating street lamps or moonlight, you don't have to light the house from top to bottom if you don't think that's possible. It's a large house, but if you have to, you can light some of the roof, a little of the middle and a little of the bottom and I'll (as the viewer) know the size and scope of the house from that alone. As long as it's all dim enough, I won't care where the light is coming from, because I won't notice it's lit... which would be the objective. It would help to light the houses on the right and left in a similar way, but none of this requires big lamps as long as you have fast lenses, because I assume you want it to be dark overall.
  10. Nice work on your website Adam, by the way (if I hadn't said it before). Really fantastic looking images.
  11. Good point. If I were directing jobs as big as the ones on your website, I would hire treatment writers for sure. But unfortunatly like I said earlier... Flintstone vitamins... so I still write my own treatments :) Maybe one day...
  12. Okay fine, but I've read director's treatments about tennis shoes written with more passion than Francis Ford Coppola talking about "Apocalypse Now." At a certain point it's just BS. Not too long ago a friend of mine did a 48 page treatment for a 15 second Eggo commercial. 27 pages less than the script for "Dunkirk" for a couple shots of a waffle. And keep in mind, that's off the clock. We're paid for shoot days not treatments. End rant.
  13. I will admit I'm not playing ball with the big boys. If I were getting jobs like this... Lincoln commercial Then I would be happy to write a 40 page treatment. Side note, there are guys that have turned "fake excitement" into an art form. Try listening to Joseph Kahn talk about one of his commercials sometime. He'll talk about Fruit of the Loom with the enthusiasm of a guy willing to blow all his money on a Power Rangers fan film (which he did).
  14. No I don't, and this is why; I'm a naturally enthusiastic person. I get very excited when I see something I like. I think endorphins are released when I see a really great composition, for example. I'm doing a music video right now that I'm really excited about because I think it could be really beautiful. On the flip side of that coin, I have a very hard time pretending to like something I don't care about. And if I'm upset, everyone in the room knows it. It's a flaw of mine. So, when I have to write a treatment, I have to pretend to really care about Flintstone vitamins. I have to learn about them. Then I have to act like I really care about their effect in the world. It's just not an easy thing for me to do. But that's the job and I can't afford to give it up. But I admit that I sometimes wish I did what my brother did and drove a UPS truck. He makes good money and has good benefits and plays 36 holes on the weekends. Only instead of playing golf on the weekends, I would probably make short films. Something I get really excited about.
  15. It always depresses me that I have to squeeze that many pages out of a 15 second spot. The whole game sucks. I need to find a new line of work. I wish I could just make movies like Brett Ratner is allowed to. :)
  16. So did you charge them for that extra week?
  17. Wow. As the father of three Disney addicts, this is a smart move on their part. And this also means Disney has found yet another way to separate me from my money. Ugh.
  18. For sure. There's something that feels inherently "cinematic" when the background of a wide(r ) shot is a touch soft. Also sometimes when we shoot wide open on a long(er) fast lens, the background can go so out of focus it looks like mush. I'll stop down just to get some shape back there.
  19. It's like a really fantastic war reenactment. Imagine the movie "Titanic", but lose the Rose and Jack characters, open with the ship hitting the iceberg and recreate what all the key players did with some rapid fire action and pulse pounding music. It was pretty awesome.
  20. Excellent answers to questions I've had for a long time. Thank you very much. And I was about to follow up with this question, because I took my son to see "Cars 3" the other day and we had to sit on the left making the right side of the screen really dark. So I walked to the right and the left totally fell off. There's my answer. Thanks again.
  21. Any idea why the 2D is so dark all the time? It's like looking at a monitor that is a full stop under exposed.
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