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  1. Do you have a link for the viewfinder gadget? I have a similar problem with a r16. thanks
  2. Jose, Do you find that your 1014xl-s is more stable than the 814xl-s or are they about the same? By the way, your Super 8mm is some of the best I've ever seen, it's very inspiring!
  3. Just checked out their website and they DO process S8. According to their website they process S8 once a week on thursday. Much thanks!
  4. Is there anyone you guys prefer for processing on the east coast? I was hoping to cut down on my wait time by NOT having to ship across the country and back! I'm in Virginia Beach, VA right smack dab in the middle of the east coast . . . seems like there has to be something faster for me than Spectra, Pro8mm, ect. Thanks!
  5. They're still around, I purchased something from them a few weeks ago. Didn't know that they repaired S8 cameras though.
  6. Have these issues been resolved? I was looking for a "reputable" place to have a s8 camera serviced. Thanks-
  7. I purchased some appropriate batteries and was able to re-cell my old (cracked) container and they work perfectly, including the light meter. I've configured a few extra pairs and would be willing to sell a couple if interested. I also found a container for a scoopic 16m but still no luck in obtaining the containers for the original older scoopic.
  8. hi, looking to buy a couple of canon scoopic battery shells, the old grey 16. Thanks!
  9. Hi, first time post . . . Does anyone have any scoopic battery shells (containers for original scoopic 16 batteries) that they would be willing to sell? Thanks - Bill
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