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  1. Nice one... Great colors and composition. What set of lens did you use? Did you shoot HDRx? cheers L
  2. Looks great Seba, What was shot on? What set of lens did you have? Great work. L.
  3. Hi There, I would like to share with you my first job as a DOP. This was a short film for the BFI 48hours SCI FI Challenge. We where given a title, an action and a line of dialogue on Saturday morning around 11am and had 48 hours to finish. The film was filmed, edited, scripted and finished in 48 hours. This short was filmed using a Blackmagic Production 4K Camera with 13 Prime Canon EF lenses ranging from 8mm to 300mm. Let me know your thoughts... Enjoy it.
  4. Both Cameras will give you good results. However I find the blue channel of the Alexa less noisy than the Epic. As long you shoot RAW Log C you should be able to get some decent mattes (keying) on your shots... Make sure you follow the debayer process. It always could go incredibly wrong when converting RAW files to DPX or EXR.... Personally I would stick with the Alexa only throughout the film.
  5. Shooting a Horror Film. Blackmagic Production 4K
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