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  1. @Omar Mullick Package is sold while back. Its no longer available. Thank you for the interest. _Emrah
  2. You might have seen this maybe.... But i saw one at Alan Gordon website.
  3. Hi, I think google drive link is broken. Can you add the link again ? Thanks, _Emrah
  4. Just as a note; I would consider trading for Arri 416 / 416 Plus - Please PM if anyone interested. Reduced price for A-Minima package is ; $8600 USD
  5. Hi, Im selling my Aaton A-Minima Motion Picture Camera Package. Pristine Condition. I last used it in summer and everything is working great. I got it couple of years ago and got some extra stuff overtime. I will be selling it as a package without separating anything. History First owner got it in brand new condition from Abel Cine (LA) about 14 years ago. Im the second owner and took great care of it and enjoyed shooting with it a lot…. (note: Camera was never rented out !! - and lightly used) Asking : $9800 USD Location: Toronto, Canada HERE IS THE LIST OF STUFF THATS INCLUDE
  6. Thanks Adrian -Im definilty gonna keep an eye on mags, and see how they sound.....For the current project, i wont need to record any sound, so i might be ok.... -VideoTap was on my list if i found it as part of a-minima set....But instead of a videtap, handle set came with it.:)...Its pretty expensive when I consider it separately, maybe in near future... Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and experience...
  7. You can get in touch with Visual Products, maybe ? Im not sure if they have XTR Plus, but I believe they do have XTR Prod Good Luck,
  8. Hi Everyone, I've been getting lot of useful information from everyone on this forum. As you can see this is my first posting, and I would like to thank everyone here. After all this reading and learning....I've finally bought an Aaton A-minima Camera and starting to shoot next week for a project that I've been thinking & planning for awhile. I wanted to post this topic to see if i can get more information about the camera that I've bought & would like to know / learn how to look after this Camera,( general servicing tips?). Im including some information and couple of imag
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