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  1. Hi all, I have some 400ft mags for my canon scoopic that I lost the manual for. Anyone by chance have access to that? I need help with loading them and assembling the camera to fit the mags.
  2. Did you ever end up purchasing anything from him ? Kind of in the same boat over here and can’t find any info About the company really
  3. Did you ever end up buying something from him ? In the same boat over here and can’t find any info about his business
  4. thank you! I tried calling Visual Products and they didnt answer or call back. I'll try again monday.
  5. I'm looking for information, not shame. Please do not gatekeep film stuff! Let people shoot what they want to shoot.
  6. Not quite trusting of myself to widen the gate . Is there any good information how to do this though if I tried ? And any idea who is doing ultra 16 besides Bernie?
  7. Hi there ! im hoping to get a Canon scoopic soon and get it modified to shoot s16. After reading the forums here I came across a man named Bernie who seems like the go to for this service . Unfortunately when I called I learned he has retired. Does anyone have a recommendation of where to have this done? Is there anyone who does the crystal sync modification and the s16? Would love to kill two birds with one stone .
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