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  1. Hello, I was curious if you could possibly share your calculator? it would be really interesting and usefull to check it out. I have one upcomming project where calculations like this would help enormously. Thank you,
  2. Thanks, sadly they have 6-8 week waiting period, so i'm looking for faster alternative. If someone has it in their fridge and plans to shoot a movie later, i would order fresh stock from mutascan or other reseller for them in exchange.
  3. not only fresh - just not outdated! it's for a student project and we are looking for the stock asap, sadly nowdays the waiting period is really long. and also - If someone has it in their fridge and plans to shoot a movie later, i would order fresh stock from mutascan or other reseller for them in exchange. Thanks
  4. Hi, we are students looking to buy fresh kodak vision 3 7219 500T one perf (for s16) stock in eastern europe, looking for 12 rolls, but they can be from different batches so all offers welcome. Already found 4 rolls. Thanks, Nojus nojusdra at gmail
  5. Maybe someone still has it? I'm looking for wide angle eyepiece with threaded mount for arriflex sr I or II thanks
  6. Are you talking about silver LOMO or silver Lenkinap lenses? i feel they also have some differences from each other, I have lenkinap 22, 28, 35, and they also feel like mentioned above - warmer and a bit to a greenish tint, more flares, less sharpness, less contrast, than OST 19 lomos i am familiar with This is one short example of Lenkinap 28mm. I shot it when i was on the first year of bachelor in cinematography, so not the best example, but this is what i have and maybe it will be helpful. It's shot on Red one MX without any diffusion.
  7. I'm attaching the photos from the ebay listing. User: ussr_photo_goods
  8. Hi, I'm considering shooting a short film on 35mm 4 perf with 1.3 squeeze anamorphic lenses. Are there any optical viewfiners which desqueeze 1.3 anamorphic image? I'll be using moviecam compact, but maybe the viewfinder systems are intechangable between compact and arri? Thanks, Nojus
  9. Hi, I talked with this guy who sells these DIY converted lenses, he said he could do the conversion, altho I never tested lenses that he converted. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165241256518?hash=item2679257a46:g:xuAAAOSwoNVhvwxx Bought 35mm and 135mm f2.8 in qbm mount, disassembled them, but never took enough time to figure out how to do the conversion myself. As far as the flange distance goes, yes, its too short, but the lenses are quite small. They fit inside pl mount, if you file enough. Also, looking to the photos of that qbm pl conversion in ebay, you could notice he does something to the aperture control ring.
  10. BTW I'm also interested in R16 cameras - Arriflex SR, SRII, Aaton LTR, Eclair, Thanks,
  11. Hi, I'm student of cinematography and I'm looking for s16 camera package (preferrably Aaton or Arri sr) or/and s16 lens nojusdra at gmail, or p.m. here Thanks! Nojus
  12. Hello, I'm looking to buy affordable 4x5.6 ND.6 filter Tiffen/Schneider/NiSi or other options nojusdra at g mail Thanks
  13. Hello, I'm looking for a s35mm wide angle lens adaptable to pl mount (on a budget) my options: *Schneider Cinegon 18mm *Lomo 18mm (ost 18) (PO or OKC) *any arri standart, arri bayonet, ost 18, temp, or other mount lenses Thanks!
  14. Hi, I'm looking for 1.66:1, anamorphic 1.20:1, 1.85:1 ground glasses and gates for Moviecam SL. Thank you
  15. Hi, I read somewhere in this forum about Zeiss QBM mount still camera lenses converted to PL mount and also saw few simmilar items on ebay. Did anyone from this forum tried to do it? I'm trying to figure out how to do it myself. Thank you and happy holidays!
  16. Paul, Thanks, The lens is really lovely, altho a bit more than I could afford. Up!
  17. Hi, i'm looking for Moviecam Compact color video tap with cables. Maybe someone has it? Thanks
  18. Hello, I’m looking for affordable cinema zoom: Angenieux 10x25 T2, Lomo opf7 25-250, and something like that. Thank you!
  19. Bruce, thank you for your answer! My main goal is to use this spot meter for shooting on film so I think that zone VI would be a benefit for me. Anyway, still looking for a spot meter! Thanks
  20. Hello, I'm looking for Soligor digital spot (Zone VI modified), Minolta, Pentax, Sekonic or other dedicated spotmeter. Thank you!
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