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  1. When charging for expendables is there a margin built into the price or is it expected they'll be at cost?
  2. Good point and it's not only criticism which can be off-base. The inclination with most people is to accept praise while rejecting criticism. But we should reject the praise when appropriate too - generic, untrue, forced etc.
  3. Thanks Robin. I guess I was asking why bring a tray of any kind (mirror or dark surface) into the equation since the OP will be near a pool anyway. I've been on set where an M18 (night) or mirror/hard reflecor (day) was simply aimed into the pool. The tray probably gives you more control over the reflection too? At any rate I definitely believe you about a dark tray producing a better effect and will try the technique when I get the chance!
  4. What's the benefit of using a pan/tray vs. a mirror/hard reflector straight into the pool?
  5. Thanks for the comments Phil. Yes, the crop was done in post. It was just the artist having fun with it more than anything. You're right about the full height ankle crop. It was a fine line in giving them enough separation from the background, keeping the sides of the performing area (stacked up benches, chairs etc.) out of shot, and not chopping off body parts. This was my first time working with dancers, next time I'll be thinking about allowing even more room for the wide, as well as the space their performance needs. Good point on the operating. The group wides are on a dana dolly then the individual dance moves were handheld. It was pretty unrehearsed but I definitely could have tightened up the handheld camera work. Thanks again.
  6. This is the first music video I've shot with a crew (gaffer, lighting assistant, camera assistant). All feedback welcome :) https://vimeo.com/347213684
  7. Thanks for your input Joseph & Ed. Yes, I've found the Matthews photos often don't match the product. Anyway I think I'll test out the Modern piece.
  8. Local pricing is usually the slightest amount cheaper than getting items shipped from the U.S. e.g. B&H. Thanks for the link Ed. I guess this was my original concern - is it necessary to have the ends of 6 foot pipes supported by two screws each (Modern piece) or is it OK if they have one screw each (Matthews piece)? I'm probably being overly cautious here but I'd rather make sure by researching online than ordering the wrong hardware.
  9. I think here most people buy the corners/ears from places like modern, matthews etc. then buy the frame lengths locally. In my limited testing it seems like the 1 inch square tube starts to be pretty flimsy for a 12x, even if only T-boning. I'm leaning towards 1-1/4 like you mentioned, or 1-1/2 round pipe with the frame ear like Stuart suggests. Thanks for the responses.
  10. Hello, I have 4x 12x12 black solids and I'd like to be able to tie or clip them vertically on pipe ("t-bone"?). Because I can't fit single 12x pipe lengths in my van, I think the next best solution is 2x 6' lengths. Is this the most appropriate piece of hardware for this task - https://modernstudio.com/products/pipe-frame-ear-for-1-1-2?variant=1542330286092 or can I get away with this one - https://modernstudio.com/collections/categories-aka-collections/products/slider-with-jr-for-1-1-2 ? Thanks for your help.
  11. Andrew this was shot on the mini/phantom 4. I'm unsure if it will help but could at least provide a point of reference. The drone is in between the two jet shots, around 00:05 - 00:06: https://vimeo.com/217772915
  12. First time poster here too. I have the same DD rental kit. The dolly is pretty easy to maintain. The track ends will take a beating, there's not much you can do on that front. I'd say the biggest thing is to prevent any rust rather than dealing with it after the fact. This will most likely occur on your stands and and the bolts/nuts of the track ends. I clean and spray WD-40 on the bolts/nuts if they're a little stiff. Assume that your system will be used in precarious situations in the field. With the stands, if they've been in the ocean or other suspect bodies of water, the users should hose them down as soon as they can. I'm no expert but I've wiped the stands down with methylated spirits (I think it's called denatured alcohol in the US) after they've spent time in saltwater/sand (extend the rocky mountain leg too). If you're concerned about the wheels tell them they can only use the dolly on track and not directly on anything else. I've hired mine out and had no problems - it's one of those things that sort of goes without saying then someone will try a move on the road with gravel on it (which of course won't work either). Make sure they don't lose the washer that goes underneath for mounting, have and include spares, or get the newer "semi-permanent" bowls and attach the appropriate one before it goes out.
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