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  1. $9500 Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm T 2.2 Arri Std Cooke Speed Panchro 35mm f/2 T2.3 Arri Std Cooke Speed Panchro 75mm f/2 T2.3 Arri Std Prefer local inspection and sale. Los Angeles or San Francisco Personal Delivery can be arranged. Selling as a group. International Sales will require escrow.com at buyers expense.
  2. Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm T 2.2 Arri Std Cooke Speed Panchro 35mm f/2 T2.3 Arri Std Cooke Speed Panchro 75mm f/2 T2.3 Arri Std Heinz Kilfitt Munchen Macro Kilar 90mm f/2.8 m42 / Universal Heinz Kilfitt Munchen 300mm f/4 Arri Std / Universal Iscorama 1.5x - 36 MC small 2mm Flaw in rear lens element oter edge 5:00 / delamination Nikkor 200mm t2.0 PL Mount Nikkor 400mm t2.8 PL Mount OTHERS Angenieux Zoom 10 - 150 1:2_2.8 CP Mount 15 X 10 B Angenieux Zoom 12 - 120 1:2_2 Arri Bayonet 10 X 12 B Angenieux Zoom 12 - 120 1:2_2 Arri Bayonet 10 X 12 B BONUS PD MOVIE REMOTE AIR 2 NEW extra Heinz Kilfitt Munchen 400mm M42/ Universal Small Flaw Front Element Pics coming in a day or two --- as soon as I can get to it if anyone is interested.
  3. Gary, have you tried creating a free photobucket.com account? it lets you link to the photos and is fairly easy to do compared to uploading tiny images here.
  4. ;> 49 dollar adapter.... cheap aluminum.... but it was a down and dirty quick solution to try out my used black magic camera and see if it worked. i stumbled across a fantastic deal on some speed panchros so now i have to build 3 adapters.... it is actually pretty exciting due to all the hype over speed panchros.... i have a cnc bench top mill that has taken me 12 years to finish and now i have the motivation to hook up the last few wires... i have made some adapters in the past, mounted an angenieux 12-120 on my xl1 and was amazed at the difference a vintage lens made... hard to describe, but it was just warmer than the sharper stock video lens. double checked the clearance on the adapter-- .33mm just enough to turn freely. the cheap one has no real depth stop/// the better ones have that keyway that also stops the lens with "just enough" clearance for the focus knob to spin freely. the adapter is almost the same as the one Patrick mentioned in the first post of the thread.
  5. Thanks for the reply Dom..... clear as mud... no actually i understand all of that, i should have made my question clearer and that would reference what you just said above. in making other mounts the FFD, or flange distance for each type of mount seems clearly defined. on PL it is from the face of the mount surface to the film surface. easy to get pretty close with a lathe or mill when making an adapter, and most high end designs allow for brass shims to fine tune so you can get it dead on. to design a mount for the Arri Standard the lens does not actually bottom out on any specific surface. there is the little bit of free space between the flange face and the focus grip that allows the barrel to turn inside the mount while the tabs/cams/retractable bars lock the lens in place. the film plane seems to still be gauged from the front of the mount for the 52mm FFD, but as you say, "The distance from flange face to leading edge of the lens mount channel is crucial here." i could get pretty close by taking the lens with the cheap mount that i have and measure from the slot to the bottom face of the adapter. ‚Äčif you would not mind taking a measurement on Monday i would really appreciate it. (i could double check and see how close i got in my guesstimate of 14mm from flange face to top of retractable bars) thanks so much, cheers, david
  6. Patrick: i just purchased this one a few months ago, USA, so it might get to you a bit quicker.... pl adapter on eBay in USA before you buy----- hold the barrel of your lens in your fingertips, adjust the iris, then try and focus. if the focus adjusts then you are golden. if not you need the fancy adapter that locks in the slot and allows the barrel to turn as the innards are locked in place. the next step if you are able to go the cheap adapter route is the mounting. it is NOT totally accurate since the slot does not engage. figure out where the slotted tab of the pl mount part of your adapter will engage in the pl mount so that you can orient UP as UP when all is tightened. then i set the set screws loosely and then slid the lens all the way into the adapter, then backed it out about the width of the thickness of a few business cards (the focus has to move). tighten one of the three set screws a teensy bit more. then took it outside and made sure that the farthest mountains that i could see were in focus while the lens was focussed to infinity. slide in or out as required to get infinity in focus (loosening your tightest set screw first). remove from camera and then tighten the set screws a teensy bit more. too tight and you will bend the barrel and restrict focus movement. too loose and your shiny new lens falls to the asphalt. good luck and hope you have the type that allows focussing without barrel movement.
  7. Dom: could you help me with the dimension of the flange face to the tab in your photo? tab thickness would be cool too. thanks.... just spent 30 minutes trying to find the photo i had see somewhere to post on this thread and its your photo from your blog... its late here so it just seems bizarre... i have to make the style adapter in your first link and also have a few like the second link. i can find flange distance for arri standard mount but it seems meaningless if i don't know where the tab is in relation to that .... hope that makes sense.... cheers, david
  8. older precision speed control for arriflex with adapter for baton, gsmo, and fries cameras. cables included may be worth more than the controller... eBay Link $199 starting bid
  9. FOUR MAGAZINES orientable viewfinder worth the asking price right there....
  10. price drop -- opening bid 2950 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=112045756275 very clean kit.
  11. now on eBay for $495 opening bid : New listing GSMO Cinema Products 16mm FILM MOVIE CAMERA 4x 400ft magazines GRIP VIEW FINDER
  12. now on eBay or $900 for members here if you contact me before the bidding begins: http://www.ebay.com/itm/GSMO-Cinema-Products-16mm-FILM-CAMERA-4x-400ft-MAGAZINES-GRIP-VIEW-FINDER-/122022942388?hash=item1c692256b4:g:0~oAAOSwNuxXafnU thanks
  13. FOUR 16mm MAGAZINES cp 16mm gsmo camera cp shoulder mount 2 arriflex lens adapters nikon (i think) adapter pentax spot meter spectra light meter magazine case camera case
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