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  1. But am i understand right, that it is still possible to adapt it to PL mount? Miltar lenses seems like very nice "not too old" cinema glass
  2. My friend was shooting interior with almost only practical lighting on 16mm 500T and he rated it as 1000 and developed with push +1. I cannot say it was looking good after arriscan in 2k. Very, very grainy with loosing a lot of details.
  3. I am not shure i got what you mean. Sorry, my english is no so good. All aatons i saw - they all had uncovered magnetic disc with dots:
  4. Hello everyone! I am in process of choosing and buying aaton camera, and i found one local offer in Russia, where i am now. I came to see it, overall camera in mediocre condition, and almost no accessories. I ran 50ft of film through it, and all sounds camera made are very quiet and pleasant. But there is one really weird thing i found on body: So there is magtetic disc on body and i dont know why - its covered by something, like plastic, or tape or thin metal. I havent seen anything like that before. Its always clear magnetic disc. Do you guys have any idea what is it? Is it something typical and known? Or crazy russian mechanic tortured it without any knowledge?
  5. i have heard from my friend about viewfinder glow causing lightleaks on XTR, try to reach him - his name is Arsenii Khachaturyan, may be he can say more about it - https://arsenikhachaturan.com/
  6. Here is a video. I recorded it with good mic - so you can clearly hear EE buzzing and aperture sounds when i direct camera towards the sun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJp4KXZv478&feature=youtu.be
  7. Hello everyone! After few months of searches i just got my first 16mm camera - canon scoopic 16M camera looks absolutely new, looks like nobody ever put film in it! I made a battery from 8xAA holder - and camera turned on and runs! I have few questions tho. 1. First of all - foam gaskets turns to ashes - so side cover is very loose. Should i be afraid of light leaks? Seems like it have pretty big borders anyway. And to be honest i have no idea how to replace it. 2. Second - which scares me a lot. When shutter button half pressed - exposure meter is starting working - and it makes really loud sound! Buzz or hum, i dont know how to explain. But it is REALLY loud sound. And i even feel some vibration with my hands. 3. i opened pressure plate and it looks like i see some dust on gate. What is a best way to clean gate and pressure plate? 4. I do understand that old cameras sometimes needs CLA. But i dont have another 350$ for it. How can i figure out do i need CLA or not? Thank you guys!
  8. Will prefer camera serviced before. With recelled battery or external battery. VIewfinder should be clean. I am in Los Angeles. Have some beaulieu stuff (r16 accesories), so we may swap. Also may be interested in Canon Scoopic instead - also with batteries and without any problems. I really would love to also buy Aaton, let me know if you have one for sale. I saw some offers, but they are too expensive for me.
  9. Will prefer camera serviced before. With recelled battery or external battery. VIewfinder should be clean. I am in Los Angeles. Have some beaulieu stuff (r16 accesories), so we may swap.
  10. As you wish, but it doesnt make it suitable for super16 and doesnt make it more expensive
  11. May be this is something new? Real Super16 angenieux? Becasue what else can be a reason to put price 5 times more expensive than everywhere?
  12. Sorry for thread-digging But i met a problem - my ang 10x12 easily rotated when it is on camera. Becasue this c-mount thread part - is possible to rotate even if you dont push! How can i solve this problem?
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