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  1. Andrew, Did you find a tripod/head yet? Retiring and liquidating my considerable gear stash. If you're still looking, may have what you need at a good price. Ran a fully-decked out Red One MX on it - about 37 lbs. worth. Regards, Scott Monk
  2. Baltasar, I've got a L-758C Sekonic for sale. Mint Condition in original packaging. $450.00 US + PayPal Fees. However, I'm in USA. Let me know if you're interested. Regards, Scott
  3. PL Mount. All lenses in Pristine Condition. No Scratches. No Dust. No Fungus. No Cleaning Marks. CPs - $1,500 each. Schneider - $2,000. PayPal - buyer pays shipping + fees. PM me for more pics.
  4. Sorry. Not CP.2s: just Compact Primes. But they ARE pristine and make beautiful images. Will consider any reasonable offer.
  5. Zeiss CP.2 Primes (18mm/T3.6, 25mm/T2.9, 85mm/T1.5) + Schneider Cine Xenar 50mm/T2.0 All Lenses in Pristine Condition. Use my zooms mostly, so don't really need these. I've babied this set. - No visible scratches, no dust, no fungus, no cleaning marks. - Includes Pelican 1620 Roll-around case & Cleaning Acs. $9,500 for All - Will NOT split set for now. Maybe later. PayPal OK - Buyer pays fees. PM me for more pics.
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