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  1. Yes, forgot to say, it is a regular 16, there was no conversion made. I bought it from a former embassy employee who claimed the camera had been barely used, and it looked true. Of course, it needed adjustments that were made by Ekton. You can see some images shot with it here : https://vimeo.com/209472951
  2. It was Ekton in Amsterdam, and I couldn't have been happier with their service. Fast, with a late demand from my end, efficient, dedicated, they spent 6+ hours nonstop getting it working properly, and finally for a reasonable price. Absolute recommendation. http://www.etkon.com/
  3. Ready to shoot, has shot this year about an hour of rushes, with good results. Was CLA'd by a pro in Amsterdam about a year ago, I have the invoice. All in excellent order! I am in Lille, France, could think of sending it abroad. ACL II body MIMUL motor (up to 75fps) 400ft french magazine 2 Fujinon TV lenses (35/1.7 and 12/1.4) with all Fuji caps Anatomical grip Kinoptik viewfinder New battery and charger Original caps with Eclair logo : magazine, lens mount, body-magazine side. Also has catalog of parts and user manual in french. Asking 2000€, up for discussion ! I'll photo it soon in more details.
  4. I have a Zeiss Distagon 16mm f/1.2 Mk I in Arriflex mount for sale. Smooth focus and aperture, clean optics. 700€. Please get in touch for details.
  5. I need to get rid of these, so they're on eb now. http://www.ebay.com/sch/comeintosleep/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  6. I missed the title. Sorry. These are Angénieux C-Mount prime lenses. They all have both the original metal caps and are in excellent condition. 15mm f/1.3 R41 > 220$ 25mm f/1.4 S41 > 300$ 25mm f/0.95 M1 > 700$ 50mm f/1.5 S5 > 4500$ Questions welcome in private messages ! I am in France and will ship worldwide. Photos are available too.
  7. Hi, I have an S5 for sale, contact me if you are interested. thanks
  8. The Kinoptik viewfinder has been cleaned by a pro, I can provide a copy of the invoice. 250$ postage paid worldwide for the VF. I still have the Delsey case (120$ ppd) and Eclair ACL II body (150$ ppd).
  9. Prices down Grip 220$ Kinoptik VF 250$ Delsey case 120$ Eclair ACLII body 150$ keeping the body for now and the mags are sold, the mount too.
  10. Hi, I'm in France. Price do not include shipping. Paypal possible. Photos available via email. Hand Grip with release button 350$ Nice and practical grip handle for Eclair ACL II 16mm camera. Has signs of use, but nothing dramatic. The switch works. Clean electrics inside. Kinoptik fully orientable viewfinder 350$ The best, fully orientable viewfinder for Eclair ACL camera. From an ACL II. All movements are smooth. There was some fungus inside that was cleaned. Hence the optics are not perfectly clean & clear, there are some light dust and some light abrasion of the coatings. Not really noticeable when using the VF. Still, as-is. Cameflex adapter mount 200$ Used 400ft french mag, needs CLA 50$ Used 400ft french mag, looks and works ok 150$ 16mm magazine for Eclair ACL II camera. This is a 400ft / 120m magazine, french made. I have tested it with film briefly. It looks good and smooth. Once again though, untested and unguaranteed. For all I know it might need service. Delsey case 200$ Sturdy Delsey case for Eclair ACL II camera with 2x400ft mags, Angénieux zoom and accessories. The case has seen use and is far from perfectly clean but it can still be used without problem. Lots of scratches on the exterior, 1 screw missing from one of the 4 feet, 1 bump (only external, a testimony to the strength of it). Inside is OK but looks a bit dirty. No locking keys included. MIMUL 75fps motor drive 350$ Needs CLA (lubrication, function is OK) Eclair ACL II body with lighter meter 250$ Needs CLA (lubrication, function is OK)
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