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  1. Steven; I feel sure this may not answer your question, however; Some time ago I constructed a battery pack with two 15.3 V lithium polymer batteries. I have a buck convertor with which I can regulate voltage and amps from 3.7V to 15.3V. I can get exactly the voltage I need, and I can switch between batteries without interruption of power. I have no idea how long the power will last because I have never run my arri 16 more than 30 minutes. I can also use two different poser cords, one an arri original power cord and one which is custom built.
  2. I would just buy another one from ebay. I think the expense of shipping and repair would not be worth it, unless you do it yourself.
  3. IF you have not thrown it away, I was able to replace the bearings in this motor. They are readily available on a website called Victor Bearings. Mike
  4. Could you post some pictures of the variable speed motor? I can tell you what I have done. From ebay, I purchased a not working, for parts only arri variable speed motor, the kind you twist the grip enhanced case to change the speed. I think I got one for $15.00 and just took it apart. They are tedious to disassemble. The inch knob has to come off, the two long bolts have to come off, the little ball on the shaft that drives the motor has to come off. You have to be delicate in pulling things apart, as I recall. The brushes on the motor shaft are spring loaded and while they will not fly out across the room, they can be bent if not carefully removed. It take much patience.
  5. Do you still have Arri 16 s parts?? I have a question about an arri motor control unit which came with a constant 24fps motor.  The unit had power, when I plug it into 110 voltage. It has a switch for 'forward/reverse'.  When I install the camera motor in the arri 16 s, and activate the run switch on the camera, nothing happens.  I purchase this unit on ebay and was quite aware it might not work, 

    have you any knowledge with this.  if you need pictures, I will send


    Mike Leake 

  6. I would like information if anyone has some on: an Arriflex time lapse motor manufactured by 'Camera Equipment Co., New York City, model 440-A and Motor controller Model 440. I purchased on eBay. It was a very good price. If there is someone who has used one of these, can you let me know How they work. What I know from plugging them in is: It appears to have 2 speed, 4 frames per second(marked ¼ on the motor) and 2 frames per second(marked ½ on the motor). I am guessing at this..It may a continuous 4 or 2 frame per second setting as there is a switch marked 'stop motion or continuous' on the motor controller box. There may be a timed iris/shutter cover for the lens which co-ordinates with the time lapse, but I did not get that devise.
  7. I built this power supply for my arriflex 16 st. Two 15.2 Quad copter lipo batteries, separately accessible, and with adjustable output voltage from 3.7 volts up to 15.2 volts, adjustable amp output and two different plug types.
  8. http://cinetinker.blogspot.com This web site might help also, an arriflex 16 rebuild
  9. there are others who are much better at this than me, however, I have a photo of what I believe is the wire you have tested. The red arrow is the exterior contact point I believe you tested. The green arrow in the photo indicates the location and path of that wire. The purple arrow is the terminal point which is soldered or attached by a screw to the power switch(140.jpeg and 159.jpeg)on the inside of the camera. I think this wire could be shorting out at the red arrow contact point(I seem to remember this is an insulated terminal point. ),the wire could be compromised, or it could be disconnected at the power switch. There may be other solutions to this which other members have better knowledge. M.L.
  10. What filters work for black and white film and why? Will color filters produce any results? I am experimenting to see what results I can get.
  11. Charlie, This is great information, now if I can find a portable ¼" tape recorder that will work with this motor Thanks , Michael Leake
  12. Has anyone any knowledge of an arriflex 16 motor made by “Magnetic Sales Corp.” ?
  13. eBay is really a roll of the dice, I have purchased good quality working items and items that did not work at all and required quite a bit of repair. Test each motor first, they could both be bad, but I think that may be a low probability. See if you can move any of the moving parts of the motor by hand, they could be rusted or corroded in place.
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