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  1. I found a compact circuit using LM7808 comnverter, a 330nf resistor, and a 100 nf resistor. I will be trying it out soon. This will reduce 12V input to 8V output, just what the magazine motor needs
  2. I have a tobin variable speed motor. It needs 12V to run effectively. I also have an Arri 200' magazine motor. I am not sure what voltage it needs to operate. I would guess 8V. It is not marked that it will support 12V. I have a variable power supply which I can adjust from 15V down to 2V. I thought I might be able to compromise and use 10V to power both at the same time. Any help would be welcome. How can I identify what voltage the Arri motor requires without burning the motor? How could I change the Arri motor to 12V? I could only post one photo on this post.
  3. Any help is appreciated.  I have a B&H Filmo DA 16mm film camera that I just dis-assembled, with out a service manual.  I did NOT get injured by the spring.  I did however dis-assemble the entire clockwork/gear works not knowing that I did not have to do that. All the gear works fell apart before I could photograph them in their proper place. I was on Dom Jaegar's Cinetinker blog and saw pictures of a Eyemo 35mm service procedure. It looked a lot like a Filmo 70.  Now to the question, do you have or know where I could buy a B&H Filmo 70 service manual?? Or other help.


    Michael Leake

    1. Simon Wyss

      Simon Wyss

      Hi, Michael

      Immediate help might come from the picture. Else you can send me the camera, plate screwed in to secure the spring, I will assemble.

      I could give the camera a complete overhaul. That would cost CHF 600. Afterwards you would have a three years warranty.

      For further information please see the English pages of my website.

      Regards, Simon


    2. Michael Leake

      Michael Leake

      This photo helps greatly. It confirms that I did get the Filmo drive train re-assembled correctly. Thanks for help.I will be building a caging clamp for the drive main spring in the Filmo so I will be able to remove it without damage or harm.

    3. Simon Wyss
  4. I need a part for a Filmo 70 DA 16mm motion picture camera. It is possibly called the 'shuttle tooth pull down', located in the front turret assembly of the Filmo 70 DA. The one pictured is for 2R film. I would willing to use a 1R 'shuttle tooth. Thanks Michael Leake
  5. Posted January 6, 2013 On this post you  had a diagram of the front cover of a filmo 70. I could not get the diagrams to load(Blue question marks where the pics were)  If you still have those available I could use them. I just disassembled a Filmo D and straightened out the flimsy 180 shutter. Thanks Mike Leake

    1. Michael Leake

      Michael Leake

      Sorry to bother you, again.  I disassembled my Filmo 70 DA, without the help of a service manual.  It is not quite a disaster.  NOT knowing the minimal amount of screws  needed to be removed I removed them all. Well now I know what the clock mechanism looks like in pieces.  Any thoughts on where I might get hold of a service manual?? I am sure I can get the gear box re-assembled, but a manual would help.


      Michael Leake




    2. Michael Leake

      Michael Leake

      Well, I did a little research and found your cinetinker blog. I found the Eyemo 35mm (?) teardown, and It looks very similar to the filmo70 16mm.  This may help me get my filmo 70 DA back together. Thanks


  6. Three photos of my newly acquired tripod, with refurbished 'manfrotto' unbranded used 'floating' head The tripod I built. works great. Height adjustable from 39" to 57". I am working on a tripod spanner base to accommodate the legs(they have rubber feet and aluminum spikes.
  7. thanks Albion. They have a couple of commercials like this. ML
  8. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/O6SO/dupixent-asthma-better-breathing the above link is the Dupixent commercial. I have a lot of free time, being retired. The commercial appears to be one continuous shot. I may be imagining the following: At nine seconds, there is a lens flare, I think this is the first cut or splice (transition?), at 13 seconds a woman passes in front of the main character (second cut?). At 19 seconds a tree seems to be a transition, at 23 seconds another tree (transition) and at 35 seconds a person passing in front of the main actor. I am wondering if this Commercial is really one continuous scene, or for some reason, it is several transitions. Michael Leake
  9. does anyone know how Dupixent commercials are produced. they seem to have a lot of cuts as opposed to one continuous shot. Mike Leake
  10. Thanks Frank. I will probably build a platform cradle to support the heavier lens(SOM Berthiot pan-cinor 17-85mm zoom lens with the side bypass viewer) A fixed turret is also a very good idea. ML
  11. I understand NOT putting a heavy zoom lens on a Filmo 70 turret series, But people do. What would be an acceptable way to install a zoom lens on a series 70. I have seen turret plugs for the 70 series on eBay. They seem only to restrict the turret from turning and NOT add any structural support for the turret with a heavier lens. What modification would allow the heavier zoom lens to be installed. Mike Leake
  12. So, this B&H filmo 70 DA I acquired for free with a photo enlarger, (a Revere double 8mm clockwork that uses Kodak metal cartridges) is turning into a what-if project. It is a double claw pull down. I purchased 2 Bell&Howell 16mm Filmo 70 Series FEED Sprockets which are 1 perf sprockets, and I will cleverly install them and remove one of the pull down claws, all so this camera can handle single perf film. Why??? just to see if it will work ML
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