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  1. eBay is really a roll of the dice, I have purchased good quality working items and items that did not work at all and required quite a bit of repair. Test each motor first, they could both be bad, but I think that may be a low probability. See if you can move any of the moving parts of the motor by hand, they could be rusted or corroded in place.
  2. The best I can offer; clean all contact points, on the camera where the magazine makes electrical contact. all points in the magazine and on the motor. If possible, run test wires to the motor with the 8.4 volt battery to see if the motor runs. There is a wire inside the camera that could be broken. The torque motor brushes may be too dirty. The torque motor could be a 12V motor and is not getting enough volts or amps. Did the torque motor work in the past or is it new. Less likely is very dirty bearings in the magazine which could prevent the magazine from working. More information would be good.
  3. Sean, thanks, It is always best to get experienced advise. I will dis assemble and clean each shaft. Thanks Michael Leake
  4. assistance from anyone; I am rebuilding 4 torque motors(3-400' and 1-200') One of the 400' motors is 12V, the other 2 are 8V. The 200' torque motor is 8V. I may convert these all to 12V so they will work with the tobin variable speed camera motor. In the image, the red arrow indicates what I think is a lubrication points(for the gears) on this motor. On the motor I have seen four or five of these(2 interior and 2 or 3 exterior. I have some arri oil for these points. The yellow arrow indicates where I think the arri grease could be applied, however I did not really see grease on these gears(the phenolic material). I am wondering if they really need grease or they may stay dry. I was also able to apply oil to the motor bearings. Please advise me further if you would. thanks Michael Leake
  5. Sean, thank you very much, michael leake
  6. TO: anyone I purchased what I think is called a periscope attachment for my arri 16st. It seems to work just fine and I think I attached it correctly. If anyone has more knowledge about this item or an owners manual, I would appreciate the information. I also recently purchased two arri 200' magazines and one motor to fit. I am servicing them so they will work. Thanks Michael Leake TO; Mark Day, yes post pictures, always interested.
  7. assistance if possible; I purchased a canon C-16 Macro ZoomC10x12 12-120mm lens. It has an arriflex standard mount and it does fit into my arri 16-ST bayonet opening. When I have the lens focused to infinity, and I have the zoom setting at 120, everything is in focus. With the zoom set at 120, I can change the focus down to 5' and even down to a few inches using the macro ring. When I change the zoom ring downward to 12 or even 40, everything at about 20' to infinity goes out of focus. Any suggestions about how to adjust this lens? OR fix this problem? Or just live with it? thanks to anyone and all. Michael Leake
  8. Mark Dunn: It can be done, but even the Mamiya 50mm lens gives a really wide angle for the RB67 medium format camera, I just finished a test with the mamiya 50mm on a makeshift mount. It works, however, it does not give you wide angle at all, infact it looks like a 75mm standard lens in the arri viewfinder, adapter project is over.
  9. Lenses: has anyone adapted a Mamiya RB67 lens to an Arriflex standard mount??? I have several RB67 lenses. I know the focal lengths are different, but is it possible?
  10. thanks Dom Jaeger, good information form me. ML
  11. I think I must have an arri 16SB, one of the ports has a stainless steel liner and the lenses I have seem to mount into this port with a little more security. More information, I have seen on eBay, some arri lenses which were inexpensive. they were advertised as being 35mm lenses. I take that to mean that they would fit a 35mm camera and would not be compatible with an arri 16 SB. they were PL mount and looked like the PL mount could be removed. I have seen some some lenses for an arri 16 which had PL mounts. They also looked like the PL mount could be removed to reveal an arri standard mount lens. Also, I probably would be better off if I saved for an arri standard mount lens. They seem expensive, however.
  12. Is it possible to convert an arri PL mount lens to fit an arri 16st standard lens cavity? thanks to all michael leake
  13. does anyone have any arri 16 s 200' capacity film magazines with torque motors for sale? thanks Michael Leake
  14. quite an old posting, if you come across any 200' arri 16s film magazine again or know who might have any including torque motors, can you let me know?? thanks michael leake
  15. I may have found some arri 16 S magazine in 200' capacity. I do not know if they come with torque motors.
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