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  1. please see these shorts and let know soon. best algis kemezys http://video.yahoo.com/watch/1049663/3905030 http://video.yahoo.com/watch/1101695/4033572
  2. see my movie short filmed in India http://video.yahoo.com/watch/1049663/3905030
  3. Heres one of my movies featured at Yahoo. http://video.yahoo.com/watch/1049663/3905030
  4. I have been to pakistan 2 times and India 10 times. I will go there to film for you. besdt algis http://video.yahoo.com/watch/1049663/3905030
  5. Your page is not downloading sorry gotta go now...... :ph34r:
  6. Love to do this. Very interested in working with red. I have 3 features under my belt shot on DV and many shorts like this one featured at Yahoo. Please call me 514 278 5397 http://video.yahoo.com/watch/1049663/3905030 best regards Algis Kemezys
  7. Your OK and will improve over time....like everyone else.....myself included http://video.yahoo.com/watch/1049663/3905030
  8. This starts off really wonderfully . The look and color mood Great. It fell apart with me towards the end. I didn't like the dress and then something seemed to turn cheap, she seemed to turn cheaper than what I guess I expected. I guess I was looking for something more that isn't quite there yet for me. Could you shoot some more footage ? Otherwise very good values and moods... keep up the good work and success should follow.
  9. these kind of face masks always excite me ....thanks for sharing these techniques. http://exposure.cbc.ca/video/mimetoliths-movie-trailer
  10. Your really all around competent. The pacing and compostions keep you rooted. Nice work is it really hard to get? see my 3 min. trailer at http://exposure.cbc.ca/video/mimetoliths-movie-trailer
  11. The pacing and shots all build nicely to a day in the city.... Heres my 3 min. trailer http://exposure.cbc.ca/video/mimetoliths-movie-trailer
  12. I am a photographer turned Cinematographer...... Can do just about anything. http://exposure.cbc.ca/video/mimetoliths-movie-trailer
  13. I would be willing to go to India to work. I have been there 8 times over the last 15 years. You can see my clip here http://exposure.cbc.ca/video/mimetoliths-movie-trailer please call me ...I am one with the Indians .
  14. see the trailer here http://exposure.cbc.ca/video/mimetoliths-movie-trailer
  15. Flickering light can actually done by hand if you have a willing person. Best done with real leaves of bushes but artificial things can work as well. Place appropriately balanced light and flicker branches in front of it. Move the light as well if you can.
  16. I don't know why I am pushing HD but if it was my first. Shooting HD would actually give you very good ratio's because you could shoot alot ,if you have the time and willing subjects. Superb coverage of scenes is so rewarding to the eye and mind. With HD you more or less can afford to shoot all angles a few ways and even get experimental.A 5 to1 ratio to me would mean so much preparation, story boards and what not the fun would be over quite quickly. With new camera and sophisticated software and a good dop you can make the look of t6he video seem like film with targeting key moments from beginning to end to have extreme out of focus subjects. Who wouldn't want to shoot on film knowing the image is actually etched onto the geletine surface...
  17. Yes indeed plenty of rehersals. A really good location scout. Story board the sequences for accurate renditions. Make sure the film gate is clean of hairs. Find a way to incorporate video so that you gain some more time. Keep your actors inspired. Thats all that I can think of.
  18. Shooting on film must certainly been nice. I wish you had shown us the outside of the building.The room is way too bright esp with the old typewriter.I agree with DM here. I didn't believe the actor for some reason. I watched it without sound unfortunately. Other wise sharp with some good angles. Somehow could have been alot more just using alot less.
  19. Still a work in progress this is the opening of my 30 minute movie. :unsure: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=3187291667936354048
  20. Thanks for sharing those clips with us.....this medium is really getting amazing ReaL ? :unsure:
  21. Lucky for me I kept reeditting my movie to perfection. Many times this is not the case but fixing it has allowed it a longer life than my original edit. Currently it played Asterfest in Macedonia, Before that it Played at the 1st Cyprus International Film Festival in April. It will play Ecofilms on Rhodos, Greece this June and now Ischia Film Festival, Italy where the films are choosen for having made the most of a location. Mimetoliths has also gotten world wide distribution by an East Coast Distributor. Stay tuned
  22. more stills added one great review from Sequences Magazine
  23. MIMETOLITHS, a new 60-minute documentary by Montreal multi-media artist Algis Kemezys, is in the official programs of the Cyprus International Film Festival (March 24-27, 2006), and the Asterfest in Macedonia (May 28-31, 2006), as well as the Panorama section of Ecofilms RODOS (June 20-25, 2006). http://mimetoliths.blogspot.com/ Mimetoliths, which means ?rocks and cliffs that imitate living beings?, is Algis Kemezys? second feature-documentary. His first, Faces of Myth, was in the official selection of Thessaloniki Documentary Festival(2004), and the Maine International Film Festival (2004). Mimetoliths travels to beautiful/mystical Crete, to closely look at its mythical landscape, to embellish it further with the filmmaker?s own sculpture, and to celebrate its stories. It embraces the Muses that have languished petrified on the sacred stones; the Phaistos Disk; intergalactic travel; Pythagoras?s golden proportion of 1 to 1.618; missing Planets; the Labyrinth; the Minotaur. Elie Castiel, writing for Sequences (#240, Nov.-Dec. 2005; page 37) had this to say (translated from the original French): ?... Mimetoliths stands as a unique and extraordinary film, rich and nuanced. It is instructive, even essential, for an acquaintance and a comprehension of the endless mysteries of nature.?
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