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  1. Anyone have any ideas where I could find some of the original Kodak print film emulation LUTs that expected an input of scanner printing density and output to a display gamut like Rec709? I recently got a scan of super16 done on the LaserGraphics ScanStation and am looking for a proper LUT to go from the scanner output to Rec709. All the print film emulation LUTs I have found seem to be ones made to make video footage look more filmic. Hence, when I apply them to my film scan things don't look correct at all. Even the built in Kodak2383 LUTs in Resolve don't seem to give an appropriate ima
  2. Thanks for the info. It seems as though if going the Spirit 2K route I have the option to manage grain with a DVNR system. I assume these use the AGR4 ME and ASC3 ME? Does anyone have any examples where the DVNR was used? If going the data scan route, what are my options to do grain management after the scan?
  3. I'm a student who is about to shoot a 5min 35mm short. The final look we are going for is one with very minimal grain and no noise. This 5207 test video shot by Kodak is a good example of what we are looking for.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCxr7YeD0C4   The key thing here is minimal grain and noise. I've been looking into various post houses and the equipment they have and came up with this list:    Fotokem - Spirit  Metro Post - Director Gamma Ray Digital - ScanStation Cinelab - Xena Nolo Digital - Arriscan FilmVideoSolutions - Spiri
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