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  1. Hi man.....I have 2 of 16GB P2 Cards now and it's work well no problem with my HVX 202EN.... Yoi CC
  2. XL2 use SD CCD, Hi use HD CCD......even you choose to compare in SD Mode....but the picture from H1 always better more than XL2 dullataj@hotmail.com Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  3. I would like to initroduce to use with Final Cut PRO ver 5.2 or Later .....and use firwire400 or 800 cable for link the Data from HDV Tape to your Mac OS......then you will have HD Data in your Mac OS HDD dullataj@hotmail.com Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  4. Sory I forget it dullataj@hotmail.com Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  5. Hi bfore your import the File.....could you please check that 1) Version of your Final Cut PRO...should be VER 5.2 or Later...... 2) Do you have P2 Driver? 3) Do you have P2 Viewer? If you update all of your programs yet.....please start to Import.... dullataj@hotmail.com Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  6. Can I show you flowchart on my attach file?
  7. For my personal.....It can work well with 35 format lenses such as Zeiss MKI, II, UP / Cooke S4 / Angenieux HR 25-250 / 24-290mm also with Century Canon S2000......but please you do not bring the 16mm format to work with becasue the back element of lenses will hit with Spinning Mirror Guuard... dullataj@hotmail.com Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  8. Final Cut PRO must use Final Cut PRO 5.02 or Later....it can support with HD File....But please you check with your computer that did you install some programs inside 1) P2 Driver 2)P2 Viewer.... dullataj@hotmail.com Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  9. Hi....I think you should look in MACBOOK PRO......and Duel Adaptor .... dullataj@hotmail.com Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  10. Hi How's different between 4 GB and 16GB Cards? The software.....if you had old software driver which can read the data of 4 GB Card well....but you can not to read the data in 16GB Card.......please you do not worry...please come to upload free software driver.....then your computer can read all data in 4, 8, 16 GB... dullataj@hotmail.com Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  11. Hi .....I was bought 2 of P+S Mini 35 Adaptor to work with my Panasonics Cameras. In set of it should be have 1x 18000 Mini 35 Digital "Oszi" Basic Adaptor price is around Euro 7,420- 1x 21443 Mini35digital Connecting Kit for Panasonic HVX200 set price is around Euro 1,598- Glad this information will make you decide to buy the adaptor. Yoi Camera Corner Thailand dullataj@hotmail.com
  12. Hi....Now I've Panasonic HVX 202EX (PAL) and 2 of P2 Cards (16 Gb) and work with Mac Book PRO. P2 Card....It's come in Type of PCMCIA Card (4 of SD Card inside)....you can use direct in PCMCIA Slot in your G4 direct. Computer will see it in one HDD. But It can not to work with Mac Book PRO direct except you have Adaptor Cable from PCMCIA to Express Card. You can find this bridge adaptor at http://www.duel-systems.com/products/adapters.aspx. Then you can use the P2 Card with your MACBOOK PRO. After your hardwares were completed. You must to install the sofwares in your computer too. 1. P2 Drive 2. P2 Viewer for both of Pograms you can find free download at http://catalog2.panasonic.com/webapp/wcs/s...mp;displayTab=R Editing Program....Now I'm use Final Cut PRO 6 but in my knowledge Final Cut should be later more than ver 5.2, Advid Express...becasue if your programs older more than.....it can not support HD File. If you would like to share it details of Panasonics HDV 200 or 202EN and also with Canon H1....please send mail to me at dullataj@hotmail.com Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  13. dullataj

    best HR Zoom available

    No Sir....I'm Rental House Campany in Thailand...But if you are looking for New or USED Angenieux....please let me know...I will introduce you to contact to thier deiler once... Best Regards, Yoi Camera Corner Thailand dullataj@hotmail.com
  14. dullataj

    best HR Zoom available

    I have both of Angenieux 25-250mm and 24-290mm optimo....I'm cheer for Optimo...cause you will have more 1 stop and so sharpness more than HR..but rent price is so expensive..... Best Regards, Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  15. dullataj

    How much better

    I have both of S4 Set and Ziess UP Lens set..... Must ask you first that wihich kinds of producst will you to shoot. This is point.....If you would like to much sharp picture....please choose Ziess....but if you woulke soft picture such as people...food....or etc...please back to look at S4.......then..please forget to look at zoom also....Ziess is match with Angenieux... Best Regards, Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  16. These are my shot words.......Cine Film...still has life after you shoot....but still photo...was dead after you shoot.. Best Regards, Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  17. dullataj

    shooting 24 or 25 fps?

    it's no matter if you would llike to shoot in 24 or 25fps. But....please look at your Generate that it was supply for 110 or 220 V AC. if it is 110 V AC 60 HZ.....your Camera shutter angle is 180 degree .....please shoot with 24fps.....but if your generater supply out is 220V 50Hz.....Shutter Angle of Camera is 180 degree....please shoot with 25 fps......This basic when we shoot for TV Commercial (PAL) but when we will shoot for Movies.......such as my land is 220V AC 50 HZ.....Shutter Angle of Camera is 172.8 degree....Camera will rus at 24 Fps.... Best Regards, Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  18. Dear Sir, I was use Fisher and Panther for long time. If I would like to compare on shot that you would like to use both of Dolly. For shot of Static I'm choose to use Fisher 10 or 11 series. But then in shot that you would like to use with Dolly track or Mini Jib. I'm present to use Center Column Dolly such as panther or Movietech better. Becasue Center Column Dolly base is much more stronger and static. Now as we know that Panther Brand is highest technology of Dolly. They were take memory control to use with it. Therefore, you will have basic motion control. In time that you take this Panther dolly with POD 2000....You will have mini Motion COntrol Also....In my Idea...Panther Classic just OK for me in Technology and price...Evolution is much more expensive. Best Regards, Yoi Camera Corner Thailand
  19. Yes Any Head Ball 150mm Such As Oconor, Sachtler or Ronford Baker and fitting on Ronford Baker 150mm Ball Tripod (Heavy and Medium Style) Best Regards, Camera Corner Thailand
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