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  1. For sale is a 17ep crystal sync motor for a Konvas. It was serviced about a year ago. Asking 450 USD. Link to ebay
  2. If thats the result of the NEG>IP>IN>Print process for 5/70 35mm with the same process must look like sandpaper? I guess it doesn't go through a blow up...
  3. What do you guys think accounts for the look of the 5/70 footage? I thought it was really inconsistent, some exteriors looked really rough, but when the men were hiding out in the boat waiting for the tide to come in it looked crisp and clean. But surely they were on a faster stock inside? I can't figure out why 5/70 would look like that. Were my expectations just too high for the format?
  4. I'm looking for a NTSC video assist for an arri 3. I believe I have an original arri tap door, I've added a photo of it - maybe someone can fill me in on the different styles of taps and "mounts" for the cameras. -J
  5. Would you be willing to sell it? B/W I assume?
  6. Hello, I'm slightly confused about the door on my Arri 3. It has a spot for a video tap but I don't know what CCD cameras will fit it. It sort of looks like a bayonet style. I've found some online but I have no way of knowing if they'll mount. Anyone know where I could get one?
  7. Hello, I'm looking to buy a Norris intervalometer for my arri 3. Cheers
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