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  1. Awesome! Missed this! Thanks for making the .cube Leon, look forward to giving it a test! How did you make it if I may ask?
  2. A very very good point Phil, it seams that a meter and a clear monitor which allows you to feel confident when going into post is the most important thing, but that being said the time when a accurate monitor will be the most use is while working in rather consistent lighting conditions, like on a stage or working on interiors. In such conditions a 500 nit monitor like the Flanders and having it close to set will at least allow for a consistent image on the monitor, but as you say this still wont be the same as sitting in a grading suit as the ambient light will play still play in.. I th
  3. Hi and hello, A few years ago while in filmschool I found myself knee deep in paper, printing pretty much everything and drawing/writing my way through note books while in prep faster than the writers could finish drafts. This is mainly dew to at my filmschool we very often had a fair amount of prep time and I enjoyed testing out everyway you could shoot and light a scene, just has it was a great way of learning and finding different things to test while in prep, but a lot of trees had to pay the price, I also spent a fair amount of time redoing things dew to rewrites and so on, so
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys! Great to hear some real opinions not just spec sheets! I will give the Flanders and TVlogics a look, hopefully the lockdown here in Norway will soften up soon and it will be easier to have a look at some actual units.
  5. Thanks for the reply Phil, This is very much what I found myself, but are there any really accurate field monitors? Or just over par. I find the constant change in monitors and being told what is accurate very challenging, so having something you know is accurate and can compare everything else too would be amazing. I never really operate of a monitor, so the brightness for me is not the biggest selling point.
  6. Hi guys, I am currently looking for a smallish monitor to own and use as a reference, I have previously stuck with a trusty meter and skeptically looking at TVLogics, Alexa viewfinder, SmallHD 702 and other monitors from rental houses which never match each other and never are the same unit twice, but have finally started looking into getting a monitor which can always be the same and which I can calibrate and trust along side my meter. I have had a look at the offerings from SmallHD, Flanders, TVlogic and have landed on the Atomos Shogun HDR as possibly one of the best options in
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