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  1. I applaud you for choosing film for your horror short. Would love to check it out once it's complete. You're in a tough spot. DP's experienced in film are not as easy to come by. Especially when you are on a low budget and unable to pay travel expenses. The only advise I can give, which may be too obvious so I apologies in advance, is to try and make some connections in the film scene in your area and see if anyone knows anyone what would be interest in being involved. Essentially, all of my shorts have come together in this type of way; a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy. Another option would be to teach a digital DP how to shoot film. But I do not know if you have the time or ability to do that. It is also the riskier option. You might want to find someone with some experience with film, even if it's just film photography. Let it be known in your area that you're on the hunt for a DP. See who turns up. Best of luck to you!
  2. Hello All, I just completed a new short film shot on 16MM Kodak film via an Arri SR3 HS. I wrote and directed this fun little horror short, and my producing partner, and friend, Evan Samaras did the cinematography (say hi in the comments, Evan). Not only did Evan and I work behind the camera, but also in front of it. The short features only two characters played by us. Due to COVID-19, we wanted to make something small with a minimal, to non-existent, cast and crew. We have submitted the film to some festivals so, for the time being, it is only up privately with a password on our Vimeo page. The link and password are below, for your viewing pleasure. Please let me know your thoughts and critiques. Anything feedback would be greatly appreciated. Password: SRF2020 Thank you all in advance! Keep shooting!
  3. Hi Everyone, I produced and edited this short film with Evan. I also played the starring role. Evan and I worked very hard to make this film happen. I am looking forward to hearing your comments and feedback. This is our third short film with more in the works! We use the shorts we make as an exploration of our passion and as a learning experience. We learn and grow with every film we make and with the feedback we get from you fine folks. Thank you in advance for taking the time.
  4. I don't think I have seen DVD's with the runtime down to the second. I think rounding it to the nearest minute is standard practice. It's probably better to present a number that it accurate but also in it's simplest form. I would recommend rounding to the minute.
  5. I really like dialogue driven stories so I found this to be quite interesting. I especially liked the dialogue from Izzy. The actress did a good job sounding natural. I did not like Ethan's cadence. It made him sound like a creep which made me wonder why Izzy entertained him. The explanation could be that he spoke that way due to his predicament. But then the question becomes: wouldn't Izzy realize he's acting strange? Ethan and Izzy's relationship is somewhat unclear. At first it seems like he's friendzoned but then he reveals that he has compromising photos of her which implies there is a sexual history between them. Of course, the situation could be that they did have a sexual past that Ethan is still hung up on, but it didn't feel like the dialogue showed that. Perhaps including that they fooled around once in the past during the conversation would make the photos Ethan has appear less to come out of left field. A lot is left unanswered in this short (which is fine) but the first question I asked myself upon seen the twist ending was: These guys broke into Ethan's house (who also has an alarm), so that they can break into Izzy's house without tripping her alarm? There are a hundred different explanations for why they would do this, but I figured you'd like to know what reaction you're getting to the big reveal. It was shot well for the found footage/webcam format. Unfortunately, you're limited to what the webcam sees so there isn't an opportunity for anything visually striking. Hope to see more of your work down the line!
  6. Hi Daniel, Thanks for watching and enjoying. I considered having it end in a brawl or someone being killed but I decided to end it on a somewhat comedic note instead. The budget for the film was small. It ended up costing just under $2K. This cost mainly comprised of the price of the film stock and the developing, processing, and scanning. Equipment (camera, lights, etc...) is not factored into the budget as those are already owned and were used, and will be used, in past, and future, projects. The cast and crew were all passionate about film so they were more than willing to work for food, experience, and credit (which is something we won't be able to get away with for much longer). The purpose for making this film (or any short we have planned) is for the desire to make films and learn and build experience. Haha! Glad to hear you like our little intro. We use that for all our shorts. Thanks for taking the time to respond have give feedback!
  7. Hi Tyler, Thank you for taking the time to watch and review. Evan and I aren't students, we are entirely self-taught, so any and all feedback is very much appreciated. I am a big fan of dialogue driven films, which is why I chose to write a short that is comprised mostly of dialogue. I agree that it is difficult to write gripping dialogue. I am a big believer in learning for experience and trial & error. I would much rather spend time working on writing good dialogue than abandoning it simply because it's difficult. I plan on continuing to write scripts and make shorts with dialogue as the main driver because I want to improve and get feedback (just like now). Evan and I spent a lot of time working together on how to light the scene to get it to look how I wanted, and I think we got pretty close. I can definitely see how your suggestion would have made the scene more dynamic. We are working with very little experience so we hope to learn from hearing feedback from our work as we go forward. We did EQ and compress the sound. Perhaps we could have done a better job. Although, I must say, that I don't think it's so bad it's intelligible. Compared to our previous short, the sound is leaps and bounds better in every regard, so I take that as a sign that we are moving in the right direction. I know how important good sound is, so if it truly came off as poorly as you say, then maybe more time should be put into the mixing process. Thanks again for taking the time to give feedback. This is very helpful and I hope to do better with every film I make.
  8. Hi Kaspar, I recently executed a similar shot using a wheelchair as well. You should expect some shake if you mount the camera on the wheelchair because the pavement will most likely not be smooth. But since you are going for a skater's POV, it should be an acceptable amount, as you said yourself. On no budget, I would go with the wheelchair too.
  9. Hi Charles, Thanks for taking the time to watch and give feedback. I am a bit confused by your first comment. Was I supposed to directly thank people during the end credits? I am very grateful to the entire crew for making this possible, however it did not occur to me to directly give thanks in the credits. I can definitely understand how the script could be viewed as cliche. I consciously wrote it to not sound profound because I wanted the characters to sound average and somewhat casual to maintain a level of relatability in the manner in which they speak.I was hoping that would come through more. I appreciate your feedback and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it, overall.
  10. Hello Everyone, I just released my latest short film, POKERS, that I wrote, directed, and co-starred in, along with my producing partner and DP (who is also a member of this forum). It's a 9 minute short about four men sharing their perspectives on their shared occupation during a game of poker. It was shot on 16MM Fujifilm Eterna 250 via Arri HR3 HS in Super 16. I would love it hear any feedback and criticism. I am still very new to filmmaking and look forward to learning and growing. I hope you enjoy it:
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