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  1. I picked up some incidental items in a major Hollywood camera house auction and don't need all that was included so I'm selling some of it. These are a great find and hard to come by. Niner lights are the standard in high-end camera lens lights. Built in the USA (In CA.). $100 I also have several of the Cinematography Electronics lights which are similar but have a mount made for their own accessory panels found on some Arri cams (35-3). I will sell these for $30 each. All lights are about 18" overall. There are a few different types with different mounts. but most use the common 3-pin Fischer connector. They use small 12v or 24v 5-watt bulbs and many have a dimmer knob. I'm pretty sure you could switch the bulb to an LED. I will look into this more. Most of them use the common 3-pin Fischer connector, a few have more pins. Mounts vary. I have a few that use 3/8 threads, and a few that have hot-shoe mounts. Most seem to have Arri rosette mounts. PM me what you need and I will see if I have one left. I will personally test each light before you buy it so it's guaranteed to work! Will ship for $15. This board is extremely limiting with photos (why?) so I made a craigslist ad with all the pics. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pho/d/cinema-camera-lens-work-niner/6586735047.html I also have some LED versions: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pho/d/led-cinema-camera-lens-light/6586744543.html
  2. Can anyone tell me more about this focus system? Is it simply a wired focus controller? I don't yet have the correct 3-pin Fischer cable to test it. It uses one 9-v battery. I'll likely sell it, along with other incidental items that we picked up in some auction lots, but I wanted to know what it was first.
  3. Aaton had an extension piece for the VF which allowed left-eye use, although I found it fit my right eye well too. I believe it's a rare piece but I owned one for some time.
  4. After much research last year, I found this to be the best of both worlds and can be read in sunlight. It has BNC SDI's on the back for SD video and shows the 4:3 image better than the usual 4 or 5" given its size. I have an extra one for sale for far cheaper than new, if you are interested. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/702619-REG/Marshall_Electronics_V_LCD651STX_3GSDI_AB_V_LCD651STX_3GSDI_AB_6_5_Lightweight_On_Camera.html
  5. Back on sale, but will now come with a like new and pretty rare Casio 4500 TV with a 4" screen!
  6. I have a professionally made, heavy duty Barney for your Aaton that will turn it into very quiet camera for those tight interiors and close-ups. It's also very good for overall protection of your camera, keeps it cleaner on dirty sets and it makes hand-held work a lot more comfortable. $275 Pick up near LA or will ship for a little more.
  7. $35 for both rolls. Bought in Burbank, stored inside a cool, dark closet. It's been a few years. 50D and 200T. Pick up near LA or will ship for a little more $.
  8. One owner Sekonic light meter for sale with a perfectly functioning spot meter, but the incident side of it is not reliable. I dropped it off at Quality Light Metric in Hollywood who reported an expensive fix to make the incident side work reliably and suggested to just use at as a spot meter, which they said was operating perfectly and was calibrated. Always stored inside, never in weather, never loaned out, shows normal signs of wear. Will ship to the 48 for $10 or you can pick up near LA. $100
  9. Education: https://www.kodak.com/US/en/corp/Blog/Blog_Post/?contentId=4295004980
  10. The ignorance and pathetic envy of talent embedded here is astounding. Open your little minds up and watch the film before commenting like a bunch of old hillbillies yapping on a porch. You might learn something, which I realize will hurt, but pain often leads to better things. Some of you really need the lessons....
  11. A new group is starting on facebook to connect Aaton camera owners. https://www.facebook.com/AatonFilmCamera
  12. Used Modulus 3000 transmitter for sale. You plug your video tap into it via a BNC cable and it transmits to a UHF TV or UHF receiver hooked to a monitor. This is for analog/SD only. Comes with one antenna and power cable. $250. Will ship for free or you can pick up near N. Hollywood.
  13. Selling a like-new Precision Speed Control 2 that is currently selling for $3000 on CE's website. This one has the LED display and the 3-perf option. Link here: https://cinemaelec.com/products/precision_speed_control_2/ This connects to your film camera and gives you control of your frame rates for over and under cranking, flicker reduction, TV scan line issues etc.. The display also serves as a digital tachometer and footage/meter counter. Works on Panavision, Aaton, Arri, Moviecam and more. Comes with a cable but you may need a different connector for your specific camera. Only uses the one cable, no other power cable is needed. $350 and will ship for free to the lower 48 or you can pick up near North Hollywood. Camera Compatibility Aaton 7 LTR, 54 LTR, LTR-X, XC, XTR, XTR+, XTR Prod, XO+, X Prod, 35MM (Type 1, 2, 3) Arriflex 16SR (1, 2, 3), 16SRHS (1, 2, 3), 35BL (1, 2, 3, 4, 4S), 35-3, 35-2A*, 35-2B*, 35-2C*, 35-3C*, 435, 535, 535B Panavision 16MM, Gold 1,2, Millennium, Panaflex, X, Platinum, Panastar 1,2, PSR Moviecam Compact*** Mitchell Fries** Showscan Showscan Beaumonte Vistavision llm Vistaflex Msm Vistavision Wilcam Vistavision * With Cinematography Electronics 2C CRYSTAL MOTOR BASE ** With Cinematography Electronics FRIES/ARRI MODIFICATION *** With Cinematography Electronics COMPACT PRECISION SPEED PLUS
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